Halloween ball Quickie  

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Halloween ball Quickie

One of my favorite memories of sex was a Halloween Ball which a very rich friend of mine would throw every year at his estate. The Ball was a costumed event, lead me to be bold and invite Debbie as my guest. She was a bit apprehensive at first about "coming out", but with my reassurance she became excited and enthusiastic. I told her that I would take care of the costumes and she was to wear what I gave her, and only what I gave her, without question. Her neck inspired me. I would be a vampire a dark and mysterious count and she would be my willing victim.

Debbie's costume was actually quite simple to put together. I found a beautiful blood red velvet dress, which flowed way out from the hips, with a tight, embroidered bodice. Her shoulders would be bare, but there were long sleeves and black kid gloves. There was a piece at the top of the bodice, which I removed, knowing full well how precarious the dress would become. I purchased black thigh high stockings and a pair of dangerous pumps with ankle straps. For accessories I acquired a velvet choker collar with diamonds, a pair of diamond earrings and a velvet bow for her hair. When I gave her the box with the costume I repeated that she was to wear only what was in the box and to have her hair up.

I arrived early, knowing that there could be some adjustments to be made. I brought with me her mask of black and red feathers on a soft leather form. Debbie looked amazing. She had struggled to pull up the bodice, which I immediately tugged down into place.... exposing just the color of her nipples.... the outer aureoles. Funny word, aureole, I rarely speak it...it does not slip off the tongue easily yet...my tongue eagerly slides over them. She protested. I insisted, firmly. She relented. Then I startled her a bit by lifting the back of her dress. She had a beautiful ass... a lacey thong disappearing between her cheeks, nice! I reached up and quickly yanked them down tearing them in half as I did so. She gasped. "Only what was in the box," I reminded her.

She teased back, "I hope you are following the same dress code."

"I am," I replied with a grin, as she slid her hand over the length of my semi hard cock sheathed in supple leather pants.

I draped a black fox wrap over her white shoulders. The satin lining and the soft fur tickled her skin. I lead her outside to the waiting car. I was able to secure a vintage Rolls Royce from our host, as well as one of his drivers. In the back seat I could not resist her neck, or her breasts or for that matter her thighs...I found myself kissing and nipping and nibble everywhere. One hand up the skirt of the dress parted her thighs to brush my fingertips against the smoothly shaved lips of her pussy. With a nip to her neck two fingers plunged into her. We both gasped. I drew them out to taste her and offer to her. She sucked her own juices as if they were mine. We were nearly at the estate, so I helped her to rearrange herself.

When the car stopped I helped her out...as she bent forward her breasts were completely visible, to my delight. She resituated herself a bit more modestly. Once inside, Debbie was hesitant to surrender her wrap, again I insisted. Having the anonymity of our masks our inhibitions were easily surrendered. Upon wandering the festive rooms and seeing the outrageous and more blatantly sexual costumes as well as the antics of the other guests, Debbie began to release the woman I had begun to know privately.

There was a satyr.... a muscular man, oiled with convincing goat legs all in fur. Upon closer inspection the fur sheathed his actual cock, only the "head and shoulders" visible. He also sported two horns and a pair of pointed ears.

The Mermaid had a wonderfully tight, scaly tail encasing her legs with her feet neatly hidden beneath the fanning tail fin. Her breasts were bare save for the waterfall of red hair, which intermittently obscured them. The fact that her nipples had been colored blue-green, aided in their camouflage.

The dancing was no less provocative. The lights were dim save for the pulsing strobes, which followed the heavy beat. The Egyptian queen had an elaborate headdress and was only partially wrapped in gauze. The few strips of material over the pharaoh's cock were barely holding the hardening staff down.

We began to dance. Close, one hand on her hip the other her shoulder. I stared into her eyes and she matched my stare. Her hips swayed and my hand slid in small circles on the curves there. I skipped a hand to the small her back and pulled her close. I kissed at her white neck and as I did she offered it by tilting her head to one side. I kissed, licked and bit lightly. I closed my fangs down firmer, just breaking the skin and raising a blush to her neck. My thigh was between hers and she pressed her mound against it. My hand went to her soft ass and squeezed. My cock grew and throbbed against her. Debbie in turn caressed and grabbed my leather-clad ass. My mouth wandered down...taking a fistful of hair to pull her head back I kissed her chest. She thrust it out, her nipples and breasts burst above her dress. I suckled at them each in turn. I had to have her. I turned her and guided her from the room. I held her arm to her side so she would not hide her breasts. I placed her near hand on the shaft of my cock straining at the leather...unable to spring upward.

We headed to the huge marble bathroom and went in together. She turned to me and began unbuttoning my shirt, slowly. Running her nails down my chest she undid the button of my pants, dancing her fingers through my pubic hair she reached in and eased my cock out to it's full erect state.

I kissed her deeply and long...my tongue exploring her mouth as I would her pussy. My hands were holding the sides of her head. Then I stopped and gazed. Debbie could read my mind...she turned slowly to face the counter...looking back over her shoulder as she bent forward placing her legs apart, she flipped up her dress and stuck her bare ass out towards me and wiggled side to side. Her pussy gaped open; her lips extended out and I could easily see her wetness. I was crazed. I took her hips and plunged deep as we both gasped. I fucked wildly seeing both my cock entering her and our reflected image.

My cock had never looked so dark and glossy...pulling her lips outward with each stroke. Her breasts danced provocatively. I told her to pull her nipples and she did as told. I pulled out. I lifted and turned her swiftly, setting her hot, soft white ass on the cold, hard black marble. I plunged in again, her legs spread widely at first knowing I loved to watch. She reached down. Her finger felt the contrast of my hard shaft and her soft lips...felt the flowing of fluids. Then she wrapped her legs around and pulled me in ...gritting her teeth she began to cum....deep spasms. This set me to my own...my balls tightened and I could feel it coursing up my shaft and deep into her...waves and streams. I was dizzy... I fell forward onto her and gasped, resting a moment or two. Then slowly sliding down, slipping out...kneeling down...before her open self...nearly steaming from the passion. I watched in awe as I saw the evidence of my own passion begin to ooze and drip from her...slowly running down the crevice between the perfect globes of her ass. Before it could drip to the floor, I caught it with my tongue and lapped upward towards the wellspring. Diving my face into her...smelling and tasting us. I cupped those cheeks and devoured her, licking and lapping until she tensed and shuddered again.

Finally I stood and buttoned only my pants I lifted her and carried her out, a rag doll spent. Her dress was flipped up her breasts exposed and her lids half shut...she did not care that all saw her. In fact she was proud and I as proud of her. She was the finest woman there and she had given herself to me. I carried her to the steps and the car was brought around. I lifted her in, went 'round to sit beside her. At her apartment I helped her to her door. Inside, I undressed her and let her hair down. I undressed and climbed into bed beside her. Nestling close we both slept long into the next day avoiding the sunlight, which would surely break the spell.

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