Debbie at the Club  

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Debbie at the Club

Friday night and Debbie was enjoying her usual evening with friends at a dance club. The music was hot and the dancing even hotter. Tonight she was in her favourite dance outfit, a shiny silver dress, cut straight across her firm small breasts and held up by two thin spaghetti straps. This night she had chosen stockings and her black high heels to complement the dress. Her black hair was held back with a silver clip.

The dance floor was its usual crowded place. Her friends were dancing with each other and with other people. No one was really dancing with anyone in particular. The drinks had made them lose all cares and the heat and intensity of the music kept it that way.

As she twisted her hips and spread her arms a hand came to rest on her hip. This was not unusual, often people, complete strangers would swing in for a dance and disappear into the crowd again. The hand stayed and Debbie looked over her shoulder at the stranger. He was swaying in perfect rhythm with he own swaying butt. She smiled at him as she continued to dance on.

Another hand slid onto her other hip, holding her to the spot as they swung to the beat. The couple moved so well together, she couldn’t believe this complete stranger could move in such unison. His hands holding her firmly but so gently. His head moved close to her shoulder as he moved into her body. The loud music beating away as he ground his pelvis in behind her soft round butt.

He let his hands slowly, softly ease up her body, feeling her smooth dress against her shapely body. He reached a point just below the gentle swelling of her breasts and stopped, twisting his hips as he let his hands drift back down to her hips.

Debbie let out an involuntary moan as one hand moved further around her waist to rest on the soft roundness of her flat belly. His other hand reached for her hand as she felt his warm breath on her neck. Their fingers intertwined as he guided her from behind on the floor. She could feel his body so close to hers, the intensity of his touch sent a tingle through her lithe body.

With skill he pushed his knee into her crotch as they danced together, not really moving around, more swinging on the spot in an erotic routine. His hand glided up over her breast and across and back down to her soft belly. Again the brunette haired beauty let out a soft moan. She rested her pubic mound back on his hard knee, grinding it into him as she felt her lace thong panties grow damp.

The music changed tempo slightly and he let her slide from his knee, holding her hand and waist. She tried to spin into his grasp but he held her fast, not letting her turn yet. The hand at her waist slipped lower over her upper thigh, making the fabric of her dress mould to her crotch as he held it tight. Then again he slipped back up her body, grasping her waist and grinding his crotch into her soft butt.

Her body was responding to his moves, he could feel Debbie press back into him. Again he raised his knee between her legs, letting her wiggle her butt down onto it, rubbing his thigh with her hot butt, her wet thong panties grinding into his knee. Then he pulled back from her letting her lift from him, holding one hand and her waist as they stood again. All the time dancing in the crowd.

As he brought his hand down he guided her hand to his thigh. Without looking back Debbie ran her long fingers over the smooth material covering his thigh, her red nails glinting in the spinning lights. His hand seemed to grip her belly tighter as the other one touched her hip lightly. He swung his hips as she continued to touch his thigh, moving lower, until his hand was at the hem of her short skirt.

With a flourish and a twirl he spun the Debbie onto his crouched knee, his hand shooting under the silver dress. He felt the lace at the top of her stocking, then her silky smooth thigh, as his fingers expertly found her panties. There was no resistance from her as he slipped a finger under the soft lace to find her bald pussy.

The music was loud, the lights flashed, plunging them from pools of varied colours into complete darkness. No one noticed as he pressed into her, his body hard against hers, covering his hand as he explored her opening.

She was wet, and hot, her hips ground back against him as his finger entered her wet pussy, his thumb resting on her clit. There was another gentle moan from her deep red lips as he pushed a second finger into her tight pussy.

Debbie let her hand move back between them, this time making straight for his crotch. The hardness she could feel between his legs made her groan again. The fingers were now working in and out of her pussy in time with the dance as they continued to sway.

Without warning, just as she was going to grind down hard on his hand, he pulled back. The fingers popped out with a squelching noise that could not be heard above the music. Debbie flung her hair back, letting out another sexual moan. He lent into her, kissing her neck, then latching to it with his lips.

Both his hands were now on her hips again as the panties slipped back over her hot pussy. His lips were still sucking at her neck as he let one hand drift up her body. As it came up to her shoulder Debbie smelt the familiar taint of her pussy juices. He held a finger out and she licked it sensually. Her hand still rested on his crotch, rubbing the hard cock through his pants.

Then he released her neck, leaving a visible mark on her neck, a red oval of stung skin. He kept his head close, she could feel the breath against her cheek again.

“Come with me,” he whispered into her ear, his voice slow and dark. “Now.”

There was an urgency. Debbie swallowed. Her panties were wet, her pussy was hot and her desire high. One of his hands were touching her waist again, the other gently cupping a breast through the silver fabric of her dress.

“Where?” She asked, for lack of anything else to say.

“Follow me, not far,” he grabbed her arm and spun her around, then pulled her behind him as they shot of the dance floor.

He led her through the crowd at a rapid pace. The dancers parted for them. Debbie threw a look over her shoulder, taking a last glance at her friends still dancing away. Then they disappeared into the crowd. His hand held here wrist tightly as they passed through the narrow entrance to the club.

They stopped briefly at the entrance, looking into the eyes of those waiting to get in and the security men standing with their arms crossed. Instead of the car park where Debbie had anticipated ending up they turned the other way down a wide driveway beside the club.

The cool night air blew against her exposed shoulders and arms as he pulled her along, almost too fast to keep up in the black heels.

Now he turned them between two buildings and through an unlocked gate. Inside was a small paved area with half a dozen cars parked under the two large light stands. A yellow light filled the yard, illuminating the two large dumpsters and some pellets filled with broken down cartons.

He weaved between the cars to the pellets. Then suddenly he stopped. Debbie pulled up, almost breathless from the frantic run. Her body still tingled as he turned to her, pulling her body close. Their lips closed on each other as he kissed here. Slowly she parted her lips, letting him explore her mouth with his tongue. Then he let her lips go, biting lightly on her bottom lip as he pulled away.

“You want me?” he said in that low sexy voice as his hands explored her body. “Need me…”

“Yes,” was the reply.

“Good,” he smiled. His hand grabbed her wrist again and spun her around. She squealed as his hand groped her crotch, forcing her forward to the bonnet of the nearest car. “Spread them.”

Instinctively Debbie parted her legs, her hands balancing her against the car. Her breathing shortened as he started pulling the dress up around her waist, his other hand fondling her pubic area through the white lace thong panties.

“You want it?” He asked. His voice was gruff and strong.

“Yes, yes, please,” debbie found herself begging. Tingles of pleasure were passing through her body, her pussy was so wet she could feel the panties sticking to her. “Please fuck me.”

He gave a little laugh as he moved in between her legs. He kicked the ankles wider, his hand traveling over her pretty soft butt, feeling the lace top of her black stockings. His other hand reaching beneath her outstretched arm to cup her breast, squeezing it gently. Her moan was audible this time.

“Feeling hot now? Really hot? Like dripping…,” his sexy voice trailed off as he pushed his pelvis against her butt, his hard cock still hidden in his pants.

“Ohhh…yes,” Debbie moaned.

As his hand mauled at her breast as humped against her damp crotch, laughing as he pushed into her. Then his other hand moved down, following the curve of her butt, to where his pants were pushed hard in against her pretty white panties. Debbie gulped. He pushed his finger inside again, inside her panties and inside her. Sliding it in on her wet, slimy pussy.

“You want more than this don’t you? You want to feel me in you, feel my cock buried in your wet cunt?” The explicit language didn’t shock Debbie. Her mind was drifting on the ecstasy of his humping, feeling his cock on the slit of her butt. “Your dying to have me inside your hot little pussy, aren’t you?” He bent forward to kiss her neck, nibbling on her ear around the silver hoop earring.

“Yes…ohhhh...yes,” debbie could feel an orgasm building.

“Will you be my slut tonight? I want to know,” he hissed, holding her long dark hair away from her ear as he kissed her cheek.

“Yes, yes,” she begged.

“Tell me then, tell me that you want to be my slut,” his voice was more insistent.

“Yes, I do, I want to be your slut, I really do.” She was nearly there. The feelings were so intense now. Her thighs were starting to wobble.

He wrenched his finger from her and pushed his body against her, hard, almost toppling her onto the bonnet. His hand holding her breast saved her from falling. The hand he had pulled from her shot up to her back. He found the zipper of the dress and yanked it down in one hurried movement.

Immediately the bodice of the dress fell open as the straps slid to her elbows. The cool night air hit her nipples, sending more sensations through her. He let his hand slip inside the open dress to touch the bare skin, massaging the small firm breasts, pinching at the nipples as he held her back against him.

“I want you to suck my cock slut,” he commanded, pulling her away from the car.

The dress stayed bunched up at the waist with her breasts now hanging awkwardly from the slouched bodice. She staggered a little as he let her go. Turning he grabbed a box off the nearest pellet and tossed it to the ground behind her.

“There, I look after my sluts. Now on your knees,” he ordered.

Debbie held the hair back from her face as she knelt on the cardboard. As she did he started to unzip his pants. She looked up at him with a long sultry look, licking her lips. The silver dress reflected the pale yellow light as it gapped away from her pert breasts.

The cock was big, bigger than any Debbie could recall.

“Spread those legs my slut.”

There was no protest from Debbie as he forced her to bend over the bonnet like before. This time Debbie made sure they were wide apart. His hand moved sensually over her bare back under the dress, reaching around for her breast as his other hand pushed the dress back up to her waist. She felt him tug the crotch of her panties aside, exposing her bald pussy once more. His finger explored the hot wet pussy, feeling the swollen lips and silky interior.

His body was hard against hers, his cock rubbing her thigh just above the lace topped stocking. His finger was buried deep in her, slowly fucking her as he nibbled on her ear and played with her nipple. Then he pulled the finger back, wrapping his hand around the huge, hard cock and guiding it forward.

Debbie took a deep breath as the head pushed between her puffy pussy lips. It was big and thick, she wondered how she would take it. Her body was a wash with tingles and flushes as he inched it in further.

“Ohhh…” she moaned as it slid along her wet passage. “Ohhh…yes…I am going to cum.”

He kissed her ear, letting his hot breath waft against her soft skin. He was in, his cock was deep within her body. Debbie started to buck as her orgasm took over, her whole body shook as he just stood there with all ten inches crammed in her tight pussy.

“Ohhh…ohhh…ohhh,” she grunted, pushing back on him, her hand feeling her own clit as she touched their union. “Ohhh yes…God.”

“That’s it my darling little slut, you enjoy it, enjoy my big fat cock in your tight cunt,” his words were cool and calculated, his touch was sensual as he brushed her hair away from her ear. Once more he nibbled on the exposed ear as he began to rock back and forth within her.

His thrusts became more and more pronounced as he pushed his cock in and out of her pussy. Debbie moaned as she tried to keep her balance. Her legs were feeling like jelly as her body began to react to his strokes. All the time his hand played with her delicate little breast, feeling it, twisting it, playing with the taut hard nipple.

“Ohhh…yes,” Debbie moaned as she flung her head back and his thrusts grew harder and harder. Now he had a hand on each hip, holding her steady as he fucked her hard. His cock plunged in and out of her wet, hot hole. “Ohhh…fuck me, fuck me.”

“Yeah, my bitch,” he hissed at her as her pussy tightened on his cock, her whole body shaking as the orgasm passed through her. Her legs seemed to go weak, but she held herself up, pushing back against his hard cock.

“Ohhh…God…ohhh,” she called out as her body eased out of the orgasm. “Yes, yes, please fuck me hard.”

His rhythm picked up again as he pumped his cock in harder and harder. Her pussy was so wet and hot as he pushed against her soft round butt. In and out he forced his cock.

Debbie grunted too as he pumped her with his hard cock. His balls were hitting her butt now, slapping it. A moist suction came from each stroke as he moved in and out of her.

“Ohhh…ohhh…yes…yes,” he whispered as his cock spurted forth another long sticky load of cum, deep in this brunette’s pussy. “Fuck, I’m going to fill your cunt…you little cum-slut.”

They collapsed forward on to the car bonnet as he pumped more cum deep into her. debbie moaned as she lay under his weight. Her breasts were forced into the cold metal. Then he eased back, letting his cum dribble from her swollen opening, staining the dress as well as her panties and stockings.

Debbie had lifted the bodice of her dress back into place and was reaching back for the zip.

“What makes you think I have finished?” he said when he noticed her actions. “You are my slut remember. I want more of that pretty little pussy of yours…and I want it now. Get on your back.”

Debbie looked at him in shock. She had never been treated this forcefully before. Something about it made her want more. She glanced down, his cock was still hard. Instinctively she pulled the sliver dress up again, slipping one arm out of its strap as she did.

He moved between her legs, standing over her, tugging at his wet, slippery cock as he watched her prepare herself.

“Take them off,” he ordered. She looked down at her white panties. Slowly she eased them down her stockinged legs, exposing her tight bald pussy for the first time. He stood there staring down as she wiggled her sexy butt to get them off, her pelvis pushing forward and up. Then she kicked them off. He watched, smiling all the time.

The cock was huge in his hand. It glistened in the light with their combined juices. Debbie watched, mesmerised by the huge throbbing member. He grinned, looking down at her. One breast exposed, the nipple hard and sticking up at him, her bald pussy exposing her pouting pussy lips, the sexy lace topped stockings encasing her parted legs.

Then he knelt, putting a hand on each of her silk encased thighs, he slowly edged his hands up her legs, his thumbs rubbing her inner thigh. Debbie gasped as he let his hands move up over her flat taut belly, his cock hitting her inner thigh just below her pussy.

One hand slid under her exposed breast, then slipped up over the nipple, touching it, feeling it. The other hand disappeared between their bodies to guide his huge cock into her waiting pussy. Debbie grunted as he slipped into her. There was no resistance as it eased in.

“Fuck you are good,” he mumbled as his cock slid in. “You are one great little slut.”

In and out he slipped. His cock seemed even bigger in this position. She gasped, flinging her legs around his body, the black heels reflecting the light as they wiggled in the night air. Beside her the white lace thong panties lay on the cardboard.

This was the scene as he began to penetrate her deeper and deeper, fucking her hard now. His body seemed to slam into her. He grunted with each inward thrust. She was moaning, ready to cum again as he forced his cock in harder and faster. His butt was pounding up and down.

“Ohhh...yes, yes,” she moaned once more. “Fuck me hard.”

He didn’t stop, he kept going, harder and harder. Her body arched in an enormous orgasm. She let out a shriek and grabbed him around the neck, pulling him down to her. His mouth closed on her breast, playing with the nipple.

“Ohhh…yes, that was good,” she whimpered as the orgasm passed.

“Shut up slut, I haven’t finished yet,” he grunted, his cock still pumping into her. He seemed to be concentrating hard as he methodically pumped into her. “I want your cunt…I want to cum in you…” He took a deep breath after each short message. “Fuck you’re tight…I’m going to fill your cunt again.”

Suddenly he tightened his grip on her, pumped his cock hard into her pussy and gave a long low gasp. His balls tightened and he exploded again. His cum spurted into her as his cock throbbed.

His body lay spent on top of her, his mouth still sucking at her breast, his hands on her firm butt, pulling her into him. She laid back on the cardboard, her legs wide apart, her dress half off. A dribble of wet sticky cum seeped out of her onto the cardboard. He breathed heavily as he lay there, his cock still throbbing in her tight pussy.

“You are great,” he smiled into her eyes. “Do you still want to be my slut?”

Debbie looked up. The pleasure was still flowing through her. “Yes.” Her answer was simple as she held him to her.

“Good,” he smiled back. Their lips met, his kiss was long and passionate, his tongue searching her mouth. He had his breath back now. Gradually he pulled his cock back from her, letting it ooze out with his cum. She felt some trickle between her butt crack and some slowly ooze down her leg.

The end.............

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