Black thongs fun  

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4/19/2006 3:38 pm
Black thongs fun

She knew I would gladly make her cum. Sometimes she tried not to cum, but she never could not cum. I always made her cum. Always. She raised herself from the couch, turned and stood before me. I lifted up to a sitting position directly in front of her. Deliberately, but slowly, she reached behind her and lowered the zipper of her skirt. My hands reached forward the foot or so between us, and a caressed her legs wrapping around them like a handrail. Her legs were so smooth and soft like always. She tugged gently at the waist and her skirt fell loose.

That was as much undressing as she was going to do.

I was left to the rest. And I wanted to undress her. I always want to undress her. she knows how much I like to undress her. She likes the seductive loss of her clothes as much as I do. I shimmied the skirt down her legs and past her knees.

As her skirt neared the carpet, I held it and she lifted each foot no more effort than needed for me to slide her skirt off and keep it from touching the ground. I folded it once neatly and hung it over the back of the couch.

Her panties were magnetic. My eyes went to them immediately and my entire body surged with lust.

Debbie black thong panties were awesome. So sexy and incredibly soft and lacy. She looked wonderful in them. Even though we had only just eaten a very good dinner, I felt hunger in my veins. Hunger for her black thong panty covered pussy. Her shirt almost spoiled my view. The end of the tail overlapped the top lacy hem.

She wanted just a little more tease. She unbuttoned her own blouse as I caressed the front of her thighs with my long fingers. As she reached for the last bottom button, I kissed her fingers. She offered me the button and I stretched my tongue forward and stroked the button with the tip of my tongue just like it was her clit.

I circled around it as she held the button for my tongue. And I sucked it into my mouth pulling the cloth with it as she watched. I knew she was imagining the button as her clit. She surely could remember the last time I had sucked and licked her own little swollen clitoris the same way as the shirt button.

She shed her shirt from her shoulders and let it fall as I let it free from my mouth. I continued running my fingers now along the edge of her black thong panties, as I looked up. Her wonderful breasts round and pointy and straining to be free of her matching black lacy bra.

I thought to myself, how wonderful it would be later when I could finally take her bra covered nipple into my mouth and suck it over and over for her.

It was her thin black thong panties only a few inches from my lips that refocused my attention. I slid my hands up the front of her panties. The cloth is soft and smooth. A few tiny hairs catch the cloth. It's been almost a week since she'd shaved/waxed her pussy, but she is still very smooth behind the silk. The lace had a tulip flower pattern. It was her two lips inside her thong panties that I wanted to touch.

I traced my finger over Debbies panty covered pussy lips. I love the feel of your lips swelling outward as I stroke the soft panties and feel the crevice between your pussy lips easing open.

"Lick my pussy. Make me cum." She urgently told me. Her hand moved to the back of my head and I felt an insistent pull towards her pussy just an inch away from my lips. It gets all my motors turning when she urgently wants my mouth to be between her legs and tonguing stroking her over and over. I like that first awareness of her spreading her legs wider as my tongue begins to press tighter.

Her legs spread more open, one foot a little in front of the other, as her pussy spreads more open. Her panties stretch wider, the sides opening closer to her pussy lips. The cloth shrunk tighter to her body. I can lick with the broader flat of my tongue. All the way up...All the way hands stroked her hips and slid around to caress her hot ass as I licked up and down.

Debbie moaned her pleasure and closed her eyes pulling my head tighter to her. I Rubbed my fingers over her silky sexy bottom, letting my fingers slide under her panties and back out. My nose pressed to her panties and helped to stroke her as did my lower jaw that nibbled at her bald pussy through the panties. I loved using all my face to excite her pussy. With just the tip of my tongue sliding between her pussy lips which by now had her panties very deeply tucked between.

I literally dug my tongue into her panties. The cloth was so thin and by now totally wet from my licking and her lubricating juices. Debbie told me online she always gets so wet.

I could feel the swollen clitoris in full bloom beneath the panties. I began to use my tongue and licked around it in a circle. I sucked it out of her into my mouth. My warm hungry pleasing mouth with just the right pressure for controlling and exploring that silky sliding feeling I got of her panties. I took my fingers and stroked her at the very lowest point of her panties. Then I slid them up and down the length of those wet long lips like I was jacking off her pussy with my fingers.

I could tell from her loud moaning, she was well on her way to a wonderful orgasm. "Oh yes. Yes rub and suck me like that. Eat my it. Taste my sugar.."

She was lost in the building pulse of her pussy. Her hands on the back of my head were driving my mouth to her pussy. I no longer had control of my own head, she did. It was her hips and her pussy fucking my face and I loved the control. The feeling of being used and fucked by her pussy. She knew where she wanted to be rubbed. She knew and guided how fast she was rubbed. I was just a tool. Her tool. Her tool to help her cum. I licked her faster and faster trying to assert some kind of control and help her cum. I slid back my hand inside the back of her panties and curled my fingers around her tight arse.

She was literally grunting as she stroked. Each grunt a wave of passion. There was sweat on her skin above her panties. I had a mass of wet heat on my face. My bottom lip stroked and chewed at her clit through her panties. The top hem of her panties kept sinking lower from my face stroking up and down as she rode my face harder and harder. I managed to get out, "It feels like you have nothing feels so good."

"Yes. . Yes. OOOOOhhhh...Harder..HARDER...MAKE ME CUM !!!" Her pleas urged me on as I feverishly licked and sucked for all i was worth. And then I heard her exquisite cry of release.


I felt her hands release their pressure on my head. But i continued my slow licking of her thong panties. They were saturated with her juices. She had streams of juices trickling out the inside edges of her panties. I liked them all. And sucked her taste over my lips. Then kissed her. I just kissed her panties with both lips like a warm kiss. Just my lips. Just kissing her panties and the lips behind.

We made our way to the bedroom and now it was going to be my turn. I led her onto the bed and proceeded to remove the rest of my clothes. Her eyes locked in a lusty smile when she saw my erect cock pointing straight up in the air and drooling precum like honey from a wooden spoon.

My own eyes watched as she unhooked her bra and freed her breasts. Oh her breasts looked so lovely. Her nipples so inviting like ripe fruit needing to be tasted and nibbled. But I knew once i started on her nipples I wouldn't be able to stop and I wanted something else right then.

"Turn over lover". I said.

She didn't hesitate, but never took her eyes from my cock as she turned softly onto her tummy. I loved the way debbie looked from behind. Those sexy black panties I had only really seen from the front, now I could see from behind. They were even more sexy than i had felt with my fingers. I could not take my eyes off them. I pushed her legs gently apart. Debbie slid a pillow down and tucked it under her so her ass was sticking up higher in the air. This gave me an incredible view of her panty covered pussy as well. Such a tiny umbrella of thin wet silk covered such a warm wonderful garden of delight.

"Oh, make me cum again with that hard cock of yours." she moaned from her closed eyes.

I lowered myself onto the bed and positioned between her legs. I ran my hands up her legs and kissed the back of her thighs. "My nipples are so hard." she moaned from her pillow. I could see her hands were under her teasing her own nipples.

I let my cock dangle down touching over her ass. She could feel the tip tracing over her panties as I kissed her neck. I lowered my hips to give her the full hard shaft feeling as it filled the length of her ass crack. Her own hips rose to wiggle against me and it felt incredibly wonderful. I was so aroused and excited I could of cum if I just let her ass stroke my cock. But instead of pumping my cum over her panties, I wanted to save it for her pussy.

I could hardly wait to pull her panties down. Slowly. Very Slowly I worked my lips and tongue back down her back until i began running them from hip to hip. I felt the edge of her panties on my tongue, and began pushing them down lower working from side to side. My cock now touched her calf, and I could feel debbies foot twist back and stroking it.

I felt like I was opening something so precious the tiniest rush might scratch a perfect surface so slowly, very slowly, I eased her black thong panties down her ass until they just rested spread wide at the top of her legs. "Put your cock in my pussy. Please I need to feel it inside me."

I wanted release too. My cock was eager to dive. I moved up her body as she lifted higher off the bed pulling her knees up and tilting her ass back. Her panties stretched wide and slipped down to her knees. I could feel the exquisite sensations of my cock as the purple aching head fit into her slippery gripping lips and i easily entered into her bald wet pussy. It felt so wonderful as I worked my cock in and out each time going a little deeper then a little deeper until I had my entire shaft deep in her and I began a banging stroking fucking of debbie's pussy.

"Oh Fuck me." she cried out.

Deeper and harder I rammed my cock in her pussy. Our breathing became gasps and I felt my cock began to twinge just as her pussy racked her.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH FUCK I'Mmmmm CUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINNGGGG!!!!" she cried out, as I felt my cock pump my hot cum deep into her pussy. I pulsed load after load of cum in her as she quivered in ecstasy. I can't remember the last time I pumped so hard and so long into her pussy.

Later, we drifted off to contented sleep holding hands inside Debbies black panties. I can hardly wait to find out what color she has on tonight.

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