a little thing called work.  

rm_happydaddy33 44M
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3/16/2006 10:48 pm

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12/21/2006 3:41 am

a little thing called work.

it seems that all i do is work. i go to work. then i go home. and do work there. i have to listen to the mother of my boys. whine,moan,groan,and bitch. while she sits her ass at the computer. the boys are hungry. got dirty diapers on. and the house is a mess. this is what she says to me i havent had time to do anything. the boys wouldnt let me. then on a good day i hear about how i am cheating on her. which i havent done since i said i do. she dosnt
trust me but she says she loves me. i ask those of you who read this am i crazy for staying with this woman? like i said its for my boys

Curiouswife4u74 43F

3/17/2006 8:16 am

Hi.. I have never posted a comment before, usually just read... Anyway, all I can say to you is this... I would kiss my husbands feet every night if I could stay home with my child, I would love nothing more... So, I am not sure if you are doing the right thing or not by staying if she is that ungrateful... I pretty much stay in my marraige for my child too, so maybe we are both wrong, I really don't know any longer, but hopefully you can find what you are looking for. ((HUGS))

rm_Cazano1989 53M
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8/11/2006 9:56 am

Well, I cannot tell you that you are crazy for staying with her. I can tell you there is a conversation that needs to be had with her. You know which on I am talking about? The one where you tell her you are not cheating on her, if you are not, and the one that includes you telling her about keeping the house clean and doing the chores around the house. It did not sound likes she works outside of the house, so she has all day to do a few things around the house. If that doesn't work then you have to know that staying with her for the same of the boys is a terrible thing to put them through.

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