A Friendly Wager  

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4/3/2006 3:40 pm

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A Friendly Wager

After talking for about three weeks on the internet and by phone we finally decided to meet. We decided to meet for drinks and possibly to shoot a few games of pool. I enter the bar and quickly scout around for her. I don't know if she's there yet or not so I order a beer and take a seat. We're supposed to meet at 7 o'clock and it's now a few minutes after that. I figure that maybe she's stuck in traffic.

When I look towards the door I see a goddess coming towards me. The woman I see is looking at me and smiling. I think to myself, this can't be her. She's comes right to my table, says hello and sits down across from me.

I can't believe my eyes. She's talking and I suddenly realize that I have not heard a word that she's been saying. I tune in again and ask her to repeat what she's just said. She's apologizing for being late as she got stuck in traffic. I just smile and say it's okay. In my mind I'm thinking it was worth the wait.

I get myself another beer and come back with one for her too. We decide to play some pool after we've chatted for a few minutes.

I'm getting a lil bit hot from the beer so I undo the top button on my shirt. As we're playing I have to lean over the table at different times. She seems to like staying at the opposite end of the table and I can't help but wonder if she's getting a good view.

I have a difficult shot and she comes over to help me. I can't seem to grasp what she want me to do so she puts her arms around me to guide me with the shot. The closeness of her body touching mine is sending shivers right down to my clit. I can feel her breath on the back of my neck. It's almost too much to handle. As I let the shot go, she releases me and I shudder.

She sees me shudder and leans over to whisper in my ear, 'Are you alright?' I smile and nod. I then notice that my nipples are hard. She notices as well and just smiles a slow, sexy smile that all but melts me. I decide to make the game a little more interesting. I ask if she'd like to play for a friendly wager.

She raises her eyebrows and asks, 'What kind of wager?'

'Well' I say as I lean over the table suggestively, 'if I win, you give me a massage and if you win, I'll give you a striptease.'
I can tell that she's intrigued. Before she responds, I get ready to take my shot. As I'm leaning over the pool table she comes up behind me. This breaks my concentration so I lean back and her body is touching mine.

She brushes the hair back from my ear and asks me in her sexy voice, 'Does that include a lap dance?'

This sends shivers through me. As I grind against her and she moans, I say, 'Definitely honey.'

The game is pretty close but I end up winning. She don't seem to be too upset that I've won the game so I suspect that she may have let me win but I say nothing. 'So, when do you want that massage?' she asks. I look at her and smile slyly,'How about now?'

She looks surprised but pleasantly so. We make our way out of the bar and back to my apartment.
It's a short walk to my house from the bar but it seems to take forever. We finally arrive and she follows me inside. I kick off my shoes and tell her to make herself at home while I fix us a drink.

As I hand her the drink I ask, 'Would you mind if I take a shower as I smell like smoke from the bar?'She raises her eyebrows and says, 'No, I don't mind. Can I watch?'

I laugh thinking that she's joking. I can tell by her face that she might be serious so I decide to call her bluff. I regain my composure and say, 'Sure, why not?'

If she's surprised by my response, she don't show it. She takes a sip of her drink and tells me to let her know when I'm ready.

I go into my bedroom and strip out of my clothes. I go into the bathroom and start to run the water. Once the temperature is adjusted, I hop into the shower and pull the curtain open halfway. I tell her that I'm ready and I see her come down the hall. She stands and leans against the doorframe.

I feel her eyes on me as I soap my body with the sponge. As I lather up my hair I start to feel more at ease and I feel as if I'm putting on a show. I drop the soap and purposely turn my ass towards her as I bend over to pick it up. I rinse off, turn off the water and grab my towel, our eyes lock for a minute. I break contact and slip into my robe.

Do you want me clothed or not and where do you want me?' She smiles seductively and says, ' No clothes and on the bed.' I strip off my robe and lie face down on the bed. Do you have any oil or lotion and where do you keep it?' she asks.

I tell her where she can find some. I hear some rustling in the cupboard then I feel her weight on the bed beside me. I feel her straddling my legs and slowly she slides up so she's straddling my ass. I'm turned on already and she hasn't even touched me yet.

I hear her taking the cap off the lotion and spreading it in her hands. Then I feel her hands on my neck. Her hands feel very good and she seems to know just how to touch me. She makes her way down my body . I'm trying not to get too aroused but I can't help myself. She must sense this and she moves down my legs to my feet. After she asks me to flip over.

I'm surprised, ' Flip over? Why do I need to do that? ' 'So I can massage the front of you silly, now turn over.'

I do as commanded and she gets her hands oiled up again. She starts with my neck again and then makes her way down my arms to my hands. She then makes her way back up my arms and over to my breasts. She's careful not to massage my nipples but she inevitably ends up touching them once or twice. An involuntary moan escapes my lips. Our eyes meet and I'm sure she can see the passion that I'm trying so desperately to hide.

She continues her way down my body, massaging my stomach and legs and finally my feet. I let out a sigh of relief as I assume that she's done but I soon find out that I'm wrong as she makes her way back up my legs. As her hands reach the top of my thighs, she massages my pussy but very lightly. I'm watching her as she does this and she looks up and catches my eye. She continues to massage and I can't help but part my legs wider. She notices my movement and smiles. She parts my lips with her hand and slips a finger up to massage my clit. I'm biting my lip to stop the moaning that is threatening to escape my lips. She must sense this as she looks at me and says, 'Don't hold it in, I want to hear you moan woman.' That's all I need to hear. She continues to massage my clit but very slowly and in a teasing way. Her touch is driving me insane. She stops momentarily and I think maybe she's changed her mind.

She parts my legs and continues to stroke my clit with her finger. I am now moaning with abandon and trying not to writhe all over the bed. She leans in and blows teasingly on my clit. The next thing I feel is her tongue as she slowly licks my pussy from top to bottom. She then slides a finger inside me and very quickly a second once she feels how wet I am. She starts fucking me with her fingers as she sucks on my clit. All too quickly I feel the orgasm overpowering me. She senses that I'm reaching my climax but she keeps her tongue on my clit and continues to fuck me with her fingers. Very quickly a second orgasm overtakes me. She must sense that I need a break as she removes her fingers and comes up to kiss me.

'Damn that was awesome.' I said.

'Honey, you haven't seen anything yet.' She has a very sexy but sly grin on her face as she begins to play with my breasts.


10/7/2007 11:13 pm

That is fucking Great!

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