What the fuck  

rm_hairpieguy37 81M
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7/27/2006 11:43 pm
What the fuck

I just got off the phone with " My Old squeeze Louise". You will never guess the couse of the conversation. Jeeeeze i will never guess the conversation. I had like 10 beers so this will not be coherent. but its my blog. sooo what. Louise & I have a history, like about 11 years together. How to explain this?? I don't know. She called me a couple weeks ago (6)and discussed her envolvement with Mike. She wanted to discuse our relationship, with me, cuz she wanted to tell Mikey about our history. Ok makes sense too me. tell the dude I exsist, we have a history, and i am now a "Friend". For the past year or so we have been friends. She asked me for help on her property, I helped her. Cuz i live like 200 miles from her,I have gone over to help her, and stayed ocver night, slept in the same bed with her, but didn't have any intimacy with her. we go too her property, we sleep in the same dual sleeping bags. in the same tent,But we don't have sex. now she wants to tell this dude that we sleep together, but don't have sex. You know he ain't goin to understand.( I mean this Lady has One Hell of a Body) Ooooh Shit this is the stuff I been thinking about, the i thought I didn't want to reveal to the world. Cuz it has to do with Weeeze and me. any way we spent 4 hours on the phone, about Her, mikey, Me. Our relationship. OK, You are now thinking, Well Asshole do You love This Woman, or are you just another asshole, playing games.?? Hell I don't know!!!! Thats my problem. I kinda invited her too he Jessy Cook concert in Boulder(if I could get tickets). this is of all the women in the world, the one most likily to understand an old fuckedup Dude like me. Soooo What do I do???

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