Tootsie Rolls, & Chewing  

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8/10/2006 11:41 am

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Tootsie Rolls, & Chewing

Of course you think this will be about "chewing Tootsie Rolls", wrong. I have always been a "candy freak" 5th Avenues,Snickers, tootsie rolls, hersheys, big hunks, chunkys, milkyways, clark bars, Man I loved them ALL!! so many of the old candy bars are gone, and the ones that are still around aren't as big as they used to was. Plus they all cost like close to a freaking dollar!! We have free candy at the library in a fishbowl jar. Yes its for the kids. But I am a kid too, just a bit older than the other kids. So I helps myself too the tootsie rolls. Muuummm, They are sooooo gooood! Only one thing I know of that tastes better(smack! somebody slap that dirty ol man down). Yesterday I walked off with 3 extra tootsies too carry me over til they open up today. I just ate the last one. Man oh Man, it was gooood. OK now too "chewing". You ever think about where in your mouth you chew stuff?? NO, I'm serious now. If you just had a tooth pulled, you chew on the oposite side from the pulled tooth. Right?? OK now after the tooth heals & your not sore any more, you chew on the side that has the most teeth. As you progress in life(nice way to say 'get older') you start loosing teeth. When that happens you have a bigger space on one side of your mouth, so like with the sore tooth, you chew on the other side that has most of the teeth together. I really never thought about it, till about a year ago. I was chewing something that was very tough/chewy, and thought, Hey You always chew on the side that is the least uncomfortable. Complicated? Yeah I guess that last sentance was a bit 'convoluted'. OK back to chewing, as the emty spaces get larger between your teeth, you change sides for chewing. I never was one for "chewing Gum" so these are "food" type thoughts, not just "chewing" type thoughts. Speaking of food, my bud Millie, sent me a couple packages of "teriyaki sticks". They were made from her sons Elk, he killed last fall. Damn they are pretty good too! Soo too Millie, & Nick, Thank You! OK now for "lookin out my window"; I guess today is a 3 day. there have been 3 Rafter groups stopped at the Park. Right now(as I type this) there are 3 guys on (MC)Bikes just pulled in too stretch. I have a list of 7 things to do today, and I have accomplished 3 of them. The other 4 can wait! I mean, they will still be there tomorrow. They ain't going no place. There has been 3 phone calls(OSL,2 the guy from the auction place 1 ) I had too move all 3 pickups so I could get at the "Trash Trailer". Thats enough, I'm gunna go take a nap.

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8/10/2006 11:55 am

Funny, LAMO..

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8/10/2006 4:15 pm


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8/10/2006 7:54 pm

Think perhaps we have had a bit too much sugar today already-------lol. But do carry on.

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8/12/2006 10:14 am

Thank You all for the comments. Oh Yes by the way, Beauty, you may be right.lmao.

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