Dentists suck!  

rm_hairpieguy37 80M
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8/9/2006 3:07 pm
Dentists suck!

I shouldn't say that because I have a friend that is my dentist. Yesterday I had an appointment cuz a tooth was bothering me. Not "whinnin" ok, it was just bothering me, so i called DV and got in in the pm. Well I showed up yacked a bit with the staff, as they are sooo cool, all of them. Then Dv pulled out an old root from a tooth that had busted off long time ago, but was just intermitenly bothersom. But today that booger is sore. Of course we all have had that happen when some trauma has been done to our jaw,gums, teeth. So tomorrow it will be all gone. I said we, DV & me, are friends, we go riding our ATVs, take his kids fishing, and do a few other things as friends. He has a really great family,all of them, Wife, 2Kids, Mom&Dad, Bro&wife & their 2Kids, Sis & Husband. (I don't like the word"Hubby" sounds like a pet) Today is a "NO DAY". that means I don't do squat, unless I feel like it. Got up at about, 0830hrs, went back to laydown and drifted off again about 0900hrs, woke again about 1030hrs. Sound like a day you would like to have??roflmao!! Of course it does!! There is a couple bad points tho. I get no "days off", no "paid holidays", no "time and a half for holidays" No vacations"! I tell you its rough out here in "retireeland"! Reading blogs yesterday, I came across a really cool,"Breakup" poem in a blog. this Lady had it down!! I mean Down!! I liked it so much I got her blog on my "watched Blogs" list. there are soooo many really neat blogs, I guess I'm like hooked. the subject matter is soooo diverse, some personal, some humorus, some sympathetic, some helpful, some seeking help. Jeeeze I'm starting to have real human feelings,like empathy, & sympathy, outrage, sorrow. All those emotions I never had time for before. Now that could be dangerous, also rewarding. Could it be that after 69 years I am learning to be "One of Them"?? Jeeeze next thing you know I will be buying an Ipod, DVD, Mp3, or going to Kmart, and buying Shit Made in China!!! Naaaah, that ain't gunna happen. As my favorite Lady Comic(Judi Canuti) says, "It Could Happen"! There was some thing else I wanted to put in todays blog, but forgot what it was. Sheeez don't get old, you ferget stuff.(like how to spell 'forget') lol Gotta go thaw something for supper,( hows Elk roast sound?) Ya'll take care, & drive safe. HPG

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