Nothing new under the sun  

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7/8/2006 7:31 am

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Nothing new under the sun

I wrote this over ten years ago. Can't remember whom I showed it to, if anyone. Just came upon it this morning and "aw what the hell ...".

Not autobiographical, except only in an abstract, impressionistic sense.


One lover with a soul of fire
strong burning through the night.
Wild creature she devours desire,
cares naught for what is right.

Another has a heart of gold,
her kindness long has shone.
Yet in her arms is nothing bold,
night comes, I sleep alone.

Oh gods above, wise men below,
pray guide me in my plight.
The raging storm, the peaceful glow,
within my breast they fight.

Oh woman with your heart of gold
and passions flush with fire,
It's you alone I long to hold,
and rise above this mire.

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