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7/6/2006 12:06 pm

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7/9/2006 1:16 pm


She should be a Gemini. Even her title suggests it.

So I check, on the AdultFriendFinder profile page. Nope, not Gemini. Just for fun I click on the silly little "See your astrological compatibility" link, so nicely provided by AdultFriendFinder (ok I guess it really is nice for them to provide it), and, well, what a joke! Ha.

First-off, it gives us *one* star (of five) for compatibility! I know in the deepest part of my bones that this is not right, generally. And specifically, it claims I'm "flighty and lacking in mental capacity", and that she's too conservative, that I that I irritate her "controlled" personality. I am not an arrogant man, but it's a simple point of fact that my "mental capacity" is documented pretty fuckin' high. And she? Antyhing but "controlled"!
(A., baby, I know it's true!).

OK so that was fun, just for being so utterly wrong.

The "personality types" thing was a bit off too. I'm "ENTP", as I mentioned in an early post. But AdultFriendFinder pegs me as an "ENFP", meaning I do more feeling than thinking. *Maybe*. Anyhow the description rang true.
(A., you've got me thinking afresh about this psychobabble!)

Her's says she "the epitome of creativity". I buy that! Also, that she "can talk circles around anyone you know".
(A., Oh really? hey, Bring it On!)

Having dissed AdultFriendFinder's astrology, now I have to hand it to them on last part of the "personality type" thing, the part where it tries to describe how her "type" and mine fit together. It's so right it reminds me of the mildly mystical (not saying it *is* that, just reminds me!) Best part is that the one crack here --- the thing about her which, according to AdultFriendFinder's version of all that ENTP/ENFP shit, would tend to frustrate me --- she addressed in her profile.
(A., read those Joys and Frustrations --- wow!)

And I haven't even gotten to her blogs yet, not really. Just scratched the surface, found that one spectacular gem. Later I'll figure out how to put some linguistic discipline behind this sharp vision of a thousand shards of light exploding out of suppressed passion.
(A., or, you do it! be my guest, have it, darlin'. the thing says we're
supposed to be good at such things)


rm_gwalker_oh 56M
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7/6/2006 4:30 pm

reading this is like some scrawny little kid clinging to the back of a wild horse galloping furiously across the plains!

Well I did say "bring it on", didn't I?

A., if you and I ever met, it could be very dangerous. If we ever find outselves in proximity, then whatever else happens, by no means whatsoever should we Sit and Drink and Talk late into the night!
It would lead to some cosmic catastrophe, I'm sure. I the fabric of the universe (a, uhm "tapestry"? check your blog!) simply wouldn't hold up.

"OK self, settle down here". Yeah. Uhm what do you want to know? Here is fine. Or email if you prefer.

The pic's --- I think I have to change your "catagory" in my "friends network". Check back shortly after the time-stamp on this post.

With unbridled admiration, -G.

absolutelynormal 57F
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7/9/2006 12:55 pm

Had to read this because I AM a Gemini, so is my son, you're 19 years older than he is to the day. Mac

ps you don't seem to have the density of mud, but then you are a Gem, we airy realm people are rarely dull.

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