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7/5/2006 3:20 pm

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By the way, is it just a coincidence that the North Koreans tested their missles on July 4? I wonder.

Generally there's not a lot of political talk in these blogs, and I heartily concur with that.

But what the hell. A temporary madness takes me and I can't resist putting a couple of thoughts down. Sorry.

Heres my point, my little "thought for the day". Did they launch those missles July 4 in order to particularly tweak the US? Are they trying to make a symbolic statement about being "independent"? If so, what a joke. I'm sure they can't even take a piss without the approval of China.

I'm listening to NPR's "Marketplace" right now and Kai Risdoll is asking, regarding possible sanctions, "But what can be taken from them that they don't already *not* have?" I appreciated the humor. Fuckin' commies.

Yep. The world community is gonna act strong on this one, you know it. We're going to scare them into compliance by giving them a five week deadline to agree to enter into negotiations to set up a framework for multiparty talks OR ELSE goddamnit if they don't then we're going to put it on next year's agenda for the UN Committee on Resolutions Expressing Deep Disapproval!

Oh wait, that's Iran, right .. sorry I get confused over these things.

OK time to go back to sleep. Sorry for my fit of madness. -G.

smoothnjuicy4u 51F

7/5/2006 8:44 pm

You're right not to many politics here, but hey if that is what is on your mind and you need to say go on ahead its your blog.

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