Great weekend  

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2/12/2006 2:32 pm

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Great weekend

Well it is a Sunday afternoon, and it has been a great weekend. The temperature is barely warm enough to call it spring, but I took the hotrod out of the shop for the first time in quite a few months and spent the majority of the day burning the tires off. Yes, I know it is a little immature, but there is something so damn fun about doing it.

I built the car myself, and have spent a lot of time getting it to run and look right. To be able to coast up to the stoplight in the sunshine, and then cook the tires off of it when the light turns green is strangely satisfying after this long, wet and cold winter. Only thing missing is a pretty woman with her hand on my leg and it would be like high school all over again.

The first place I ever made love was in the front seat of a Camaro in bucket seats. It was awkward as hell, especially given the fact that it was my first time, but damn was it incredibly good. I still remember sitting in the passenger seat with her straddling my lap, her hair dangling in my face, and her perfume.

Need to find an adventurous lady to go for a ride in this car. It is a lot faster than my car back in high school, but probably not any more comfortable.

Still, a very nice Sunday afternoon and some fond memories.

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