Friday night  

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2/17/2006 10:33 pm

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4/19/2006 7:18 am

Friday night

It is about 10:00 pm, and I am back from an evening of a few beers and bar talk with a few friends. There were a few ladies there, and at first it appeared that there might be some opportunities there to make a friend or two. The women were all in their mid to late 20's, which quite honestly poses a bit of a problem for me. Not to insult the bright and motivated 20 year old women out there, but most are fairly shallow and self absorbed at that point in their lives and have a tough time carrying on a serious conversation. (To be fair, most men at that age are self absorbed and shallow as well, so hear me out for a second)

My buddy is 36, and in the world of "scoring" with women, does very well. He is very much like the women I mentioned, shallow and self absorbed, but is a good looking and funny guy. The women spent two hours chatting with each other and making somewhat nasty comments to the guys when we started ignoring them. One of them decided to inform me that she enjoyed sucking a man's dick because it pleased her, and really didn't care if a man gave her oral pleasure. I told her I thought sex was a joint effort, and not just a man or just a woman thing, she kind of stopped talking and started pounding Red Bull and Jaeger at that point.

Where are the intelligent, somewhat attractive and together women in their mid 30's to mid 40's? I sat there and wished for someone with a brain and a sex drive, which in the 20's seems mutually exclusive. Can't seem to find them on this site, and I must be hanging out in the wrong bars. It seems so simple when you think about the connection between a man and a woman, and just wanting to take an evening to please each other sexually. But when you add in the politics, the games, 5 beers, and a room full of other people it seems to become such a huge maze of tangled pathways, that you can't seem to navigate your way to that pretty lady sitting at the table by the window.

Here is to a more successful Saturday.

here2findyou 59F

3/22/2006 7:54 pm

Your blog gives me hope that SOME men in my age bracket just might appreciate a woman in their own age group. While we aren't the young, flirty hardbody barbies anymore, the more mature woman has much to offer, from good conversation (hmmm.. maybe even an intelligent conversation), we show a little more class than pounding down shots, getting loud, showing our bellies (ahhh... to have that youthful hard stomach again!, a little sass, lots of good humored laughter, subtlety, sensuality, etc, etc. As much as I too love "sucking a man's dick" because it pleases me to hear my man moan "oh my god" over and over, the pleasuring must be mutual, the enjoyment of exploring each others senses, finding those special spots that make those throaty little moans... I hope next time you force yourself to navigate to the pretty lady sitting at the table by the window.

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