Hanabi time!!! Hey Pupu from Setagaya ku!!!  

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8/6/2005 7:39 am

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Hanabi time!!! Hey Pupu from Setagaya ku!!!

It's fireworks time in Japan so everyone hurry up and rush and try to catch as many fireworks shows you can!! I love fireworks but I can't stand them in Japan. The main reason is there are just tooo many damn people!!!! I love fireworks really and I have been to a few events in Japan but if you don't get there in the afternoon to save your seat you might as well forget about seeing them cause you'll just be stuck in a sea of people. Oh well...it's something you got to do when you come to Japan cause they do put on a good fireworks show especially the Tokyo Bay Fireworks they are really cool.

Well summer vacation has started too so next Sunday I will go and do one of my dream/goals I have always wanted to do...That is to climb Mt.Fuji!

I can't wait to climb it but I am not looking forward to all the crap I am going to have to bring and also going down Mt Fuji. But it should be exciting!

The next week I will go rafting with some friends and that will be an adventure too but I can't swim!! (Well I can but no really well) Then after that..ummm nothing yet hehe. Oh well life has been busy I have been moving stuff to my new place now I just need to go organize it and finally spend the night and move in!! I just need a few more things then I can unpack and get down to business! Oh well...I wonder where everyone is !!!

Oh and I hope some people respond to my blog...especially one person from Setagaya ku!!

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