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8/11/2006 2:35 am

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8/17/2006 3:48 am


i really dont have an answer.i have a frind that is so large that he had a hard time findding a partner. in his case large was a handicap not a blessing, but it also goes the other way if your so small that you dont feel your partners pussy then you are handicap also. so what is the answer? find a compatible partner? women come in different sizes also!

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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8/11/2006 3:45 am

Keep looking for a compatible partner

Welcome to the blogs ?*

Purry {=}


PandorasBoxxxx 107F
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8/11/2006 3:56 am

The guy with the gherkin can always add an extension to his wiener. Or maybe she'll have a strap-on and he can use it on her.
For the large guy, is there no such thing as penis reduction out there? Gosh there are surgeries for everything nowadays.
Perhpas Mr Big will just have to wait for the right girl to come along. Alot of men would probably love to have his handicap!

Teenagers are god's punishment for having sex!!


morning_sucks 31
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8/11/2006 4:09 am

yep totally agree size does matter but hey who says just cause its big you got to hammer it all the way in you no and even with small ones as long as id get satisfied first with fingers toys or tongue id gladly just let him lay me back hold my legs up high and together to make my pussiy as tight as possibly whilst he fucs me ... just got to find the right positions for the correct tools i suppose ...
but we all no what bad workmen are like blamming there tools rather than there skills
wow just read what i typed and cant be botherd to correct my typing lol ..
xx stacie

rm_gunsup65 77M
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8/15/2006 1:39 am

well it seemsthat i didnot get a good response to my question....
does size really matter? the way i look at it .. if you want pure
sex then size is a big factor ...if sex does not really matter in a relationship then size dont matter. .... enough of that for now....
i think i have my answer.....what about oral it needed to
have a good orgasam??? any ladies that would like to me
at midnight in my private chat room....gunsup65

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