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7/25/2005 9:33 am

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My First Blog Story

Back in '74, I took Goo, the blue chick with blonde hair in the Gumby show, into my dressing room. She was new to the Hollywood scene, and didn't know much about the claymation scene and how bad it could be. I owed Davey, of Davey and Goliath fame, some money from a gambling debt and really didn't have the bread at the time. So, we worked out a deal. I would set he and his dog, Goliath, up with her and we'd gangbang her.

When I brought her back to the room, she was a little leery when the boy from the church show was there, smoking a cigarette and naked from the waist down. He and his dog were fully claymated (erect), and ready to go. In just a few minutes, we were all fucking the clay out of her, and she was snorting coke off of Goliath's tail.

It made things a little awkward on the set, but man, what a night.

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