The Party  

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12/5/2005 3:53 pm

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The Party

Okay, so after much stomach tingles and shivers, i went to pick up my 'date' for the evening. So, after driving past her house twice.. yes, TWICE (i was looking on the wrong side of the road) I stopped in what was probally her house and started to dial in her cell when i heard a knock on the window. I jumped a bit and quickly unlocked the door and smiled as she got into the car. She was very pretty, blonde hair (slightly curled), and green eyes. We joked as we drove to the party, her hand rubbing the back of my neck as i blushed and was pretty quiet.

When we were pretty much there, it started snowing and it sucked a bit (almost rear ended someone) and i missed the entrance by a bit because we slid ^^; So we parked and went inside this Show Horse training facility and it was really nice inside, i mean really nice. She led the meet-and-greet while i stayed quiet, shaking hands and saying how nice it was to be there. She carried herself very confidently and people turned to meet her, which was pretty nice. We sat next to two of her friends after getting some food and drinks (soda for me and rum and coke for her.. they made those really strong).

She brought me on a little tour of the horses, which was really cool, they had some very lovely horses. There was also a DJ there, but not too many people were dancing, a lot of people didnt come because of the weather. Heh, didnt think they would play Blood Sex and Booze by greenday, but i should have checked, lol.

So, we stayed a while, (til around.. ooh.. 10:30) and i learned a bit about my lady of the night. It seems that she used to be on star search as a kid and lost to Leann Rimes by 1/2 a star when she was 16. She also used to be a professional Dominatrix, so that was all well and cool.

After we left she re-taught me how to kiss (which was needed, being that it had been 2 flippen years x.x ) but i did pretty good. We ended up heading home and I personally got home at around 3:45... the roads were pretty bad and we got lost not to far back ^^;

On a side note, i accidentally went into the ditch after dropping her off, but got out right away. Seems like i was nodding off, so i stopped into my work and found out i got to work tonight.

Oh yeah.. we also decided to stay just as friends, which is nice.

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