News is Funny!  

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7/17/2006 12:50 pm
News is Funny!

Alright, here we go. Time for some news bites. Keep in mind that some of these might be a little dated.

Hmm.. Okay, so.. a man says that a don't-date-him website defamed him. On that site, women could post experiances they had with men and other women could confirm them. So.. if the guy was a lazy asshole who cheated, people would know what to expect, but to be fair, guys can offer a rebuttle on the statements. Dude.. its not defamitory if its true..

Looks like its a good year for fighting cervical cancer. There's now an approved drug to fight it and it was also found that women who's partners always use condoms are 70% less likely to get the virus for the disease. In your face cancer!

Apparently a Milwaukee police aide had their Girbaud jeans stolen off of them right infront of their house. Why would anyone steal other people's pants? Anyways.. the thieves were caught later while wearing the pants.

Two former NY cops were on the Mafia's payroll and killed a few people for them while they were on duty. Lucky for them, they did them long enough ago that their convictions were tossed out because the statute of limitations had expired. Lucky for you guys.

A woman out in Oregon aclled 911 to meet a 'cute' officer that was at her house before for a noise complaint. LADY! Are you an idiot?? She didnt know the officer's name, so she called and started talking to the operator and wanting the cop to come back. Well, she got a date from him.. court date. Using 911 without an emergency is punishable by up to a couple thousand dollars and a year in jail. How about NEXT time, you get off your ass and go down to the station and ask around... jeeze...

Since we are on a roll of police, a police officer is accused of 4 in Bloomington IL. The victims ID'ed him in a photo line up and they found tools used in a few of the at his house. Boys in blue... so nice.

An 18 year old was arrested for stabbing his cousin over an arguement about pot. Basically, his cousin said he had some bomb shit, but the 18 year old tried some and said it was shwag, bunk, crap, and they started fighting and he stabbed his cousin to death. Damn man.. just smoke MORE of the pot and chill out!

To settle a lawsuit.. 3 candy manufacturers have agreed to lower the lead content in their spicy mexican candy. I'm so glad they needed a lawsuit to come to THAT result. Hey Timmy, hows your Spicy Lead Bucket??

Hmm.. seems TWO serial killers are on the loose in Phoenix. But their are said to kill people at random.. so then it isn't really Serial... right?

Man gets 150 years for child porn case... yup.. pretty much all i got to say about that...

Oh yeah.. and a Pizza man was gonna get robbed by two kids. The 14 year old pulled out a BB Gun.. the Delivery Driver's was real. He shot the kid in the shoulder, hand, and ass. They were not life threatening. After shooting the kid, he fled the scene, but turned himself in afterwards.

And that has been your media rant, brought to you by Kyle. Enjoy.

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