My last great online adventure  

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2/24/2005 7:05 pm

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My last great online adventure

August 23, 2004.

Sad, I know, both that it was six months ago and that I remember the date so clearly. A hot summer night and I was restless. I'd been posting NSA/hookup ads in various tones and showcasing disparate ideas of fun--fuck buddies, all-out sex, mutual masturbation, etc.--since I'd returned to the city, the states, the western hemisphere, singledom--the previous January.

Nothing much had come of those posts, and I didn't think this would yield much either. It was a very straightforward, "let's get together and have sex tonight" kind of thing, but this time, something happened, a response.

She said she that she was interested, that she had small breasts and that men had described her pussy as awesome. My kinda girl (see Tuesday's post) and I told her as much. I also sent her my picture, a head shot, which for whatever reason seems to be the end of these exchanges for me (dunno why; I actually think I'm pretty cute).

I love small tits, I said, and here's my number.

She wrote back: no one love small tits and I can't open your picture, but I'm calling anyway.

Sure enough, she did call. She wanted to make sure I didn't come over with a big group of guys and rob her. I told her she was wise to be cautious. She asked if I could call from outside her apartment, she'd make sure I was who I was, then I could come up.

Normally, this it's a half-hour walk from my house in Carroll Gardens to hers on Montague Street, the main drag in Brooklyn Heights. I think I made it in 20, including a shower. I called and looked up at the building she lived in. She said, okay, come over to the stoop and by the time I made it across the street, she was there.

She was pretty in a very classic way; brunette with shoulder length hair and nice, porcelain skin. She was solid, no skinny mini but not overweight either. Athletic. I was immediately attracted to her.

I followed her up the stairs. When we got inside her candlelit studio apartment we traded small talk while I made friends with her dog, a very jealous miniature doberman.

Her name was Holly and she was wearing a dark satin tank top (I thought) and a pair of sweats. I was wearing a pair of gap shorts with an old, beat up white dress shirt, and a pair of boxer briefs that quickly got tight as Holly removed her sweats and I realized that her tank-top tee was in fact a negligee.

She sat next to me on the couch. Are you nervous? I asked. She answered yes and I said that I was, too. So we did the best possible thing in that situation and started kissing.

My shirt quickly came off as I caressed her shoulders. It was working, for both of us. Let's see that cock, she said, and I was only too happy to oblige.

My cock sprang from, my shorts as she pulled them off. That's beautiful she said, kissing it. I sat on the couch, pulling her panties down her leg as she removed her negligee.

I want you on the bed, I said, leading her the few feet that separated the bed from the couch. She lay in the center of the bed spread as I kneeled between her legs and admired her lush, feminine body, sliding my finger between along her moist slit as she shuddered at my touch.

I couldn't resist any longer, dipping my head to her warm, wet tight, allowing myself to taste this girl who, only half an hour before, was a complete stranger. My tongue parted her lips, probed inside her tight pussy, further and further up. As she grinded her hips toward me I took her clit in my mouth, inserting my finger inside her until I found her g-spot.

Uhhn, she groaned, her hand reaching for my hard cock, finding it.

She came. Inside me, she gasped in a voice that left no doubt. I put on a condom and entered her. Sliding my sheathed head inside her slowly, a little at a time. I felt her pussy walls pulsing, tight then releasing, over and over.

The pace picked up, we fucked each otehr harder and harder, the sweat covering our naked bodies, glimmering in the candlelight until we both came, simultaneously.

We lay next to each other for a while, sharing conversation, spent. But we weren't finished. She took my hand, took two fingers and placed them inside of her wet, still tight hole.

She fingered her clit while I gently slid my fingers inside, just past her lips until she came again. By now, my cock was hard again and I started to play with myself, while she sucked on my nipple. By the time I came, I was so ready for release that my cum splattered her hair.

It was 1:30; we'd been going at it for close to three hours but we both had work in the morning. We dressed and I prepared to leave. As I stood at the door I thanked her for answering my ad. She thanked me for coming. Then as we hugged she said, "I hope you got what you wanted from this."

I told her I had, and more so. But I knew that I wouldn't see her again. And I haven't.

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