Jacking (n-Jilling) for a stranger  

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2/28/2005 5:31 pm

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Jacking (n-Jilling) for a stranger

So last week, feeling my usual unrestrained horniness, I posted an ad on Craigslist, the local hookup bulletin board, stating that I wanted to jack off for a woman. I include a “woody” picture, because I believe in truth in advertising.

What I suggested is that we’d get relaxed, chat a bit, then, if we both felt comfortable, I’d strip down and play with myself. If the person who answered the ad felt like it, she could get naked, too (hey, it’s only fair). If we wanted to, we could go further.

I didn’t really expect to get a response, but what the hell, I’m an optimist. And lo and behold, when I went to check my email the next morning, there was a response. So what would you do if you were playing with yourself?

I could tell she would require a little convincing, so I laid out what I had in mind: a little candlelight, a spot of wine, and then, when the mood was right, I’d strip and sloooooowly start feeling myself up while she watched.

It took a couple more emails–she was worried that what she was thinking was “wrong,” I pointed out that we were two consenting adults who weren’t out to harm each other. In the end, because, I think, she’s a busy career woman who hasn’t had a lot of play lately; she decided to take a chance. By Thursday we had decided to meet Saturday afternoon outside a local watering hole.

Along the way, I’d sent her a face picture for her to evaluate, and so I asked her to do the same, just so I’d know who she was when we met.

Sure enough, at 3:35, Ella came strolling up. She’s Asian, a little extra padding, but cute. We went into the bar and, after a couple of margaritas (and some food for me; I’d just been to the gym and was starving) we decided to go to my place.

Everything was as promised. My place was clean, candles at the ready, music cued up. My apartment is a studio. There’s really only one place to sit, so we took up corners in opposite sides of the sofa and continued our chat.

Now something about me: I looooooooove to talk about sex. To me, it’s endlessly fascinating, everyone’s take is unique, and there’s not nearly enough of it in everyday conversation.

Soon, we were comparing experiences and desires and, like old faithful, I felt a stirring in my jeans. By now I knew Ella was committed, so I took my shirt off and played a little bit with my nipples (love that). As you can probably tell from my home page, I’m proud of my body. Not because I think it’s all that great, but because I’ve worked my ass off to have this body, and so I love earning anything.

The shirtless stage didn’t last long. She asked if I wore boxers or briefs and the only answer I have to that is “both.” I wear boxer briefs. And so I sat on my end of the couch, my Calvins barely containing the erection that was straining to be free. Ella was riveted, and her gaze on my crotch had exactly the effect I had expected. I was turned on like you wouldn’t believe.

She asked how I was doing and as she did slid down the couch and took my hard cock into her hand. Her touch felt amazing and I felt it even after she slid back and I removed my shorts.

Now I was sitting in front of her, my dick at full attention as though she were a general and my little guy a soldier. She kept murmuring and purring as I began to slowly tease my cock, dripping lube onto it as Ella reached into her shirt and began feeling her C-cup tits.

As time went on, and as I became more and more aroused, Ella’s clothes gradually shed. First the shirt then the bra. Somewhere along the way, she’d undone her jeans and was reaching in, feeling herself.

I love this. There’s something about a woman reaching into her pants and her panties to play with herself that drives me crazy. Now I asked how she was doing.

Smiling slyly, she pulled her hands from her pants and put her fingers to my mouth. How do you think?

It wasn’t very long before we were both naked, our legs spread, our eyes watching each other greedily. Ella used the two-handed approach, one under, one over, as she spread her lips and fingered herself. It was all I could do to not come. I changed rhythms, played with my balls and my ass in an effort to hold onto my jism.

One thing I knew would work.

I want to eat you, I said. She considered it for a moment. Have you ever had your pussy eaten really eaten well. Sadly, her answer was no.

I did all I could to change that. I quickly got down to business and was in for a huge surprise.

When I finally had her lips spread, her pussy juice all over my face, I took in her luscious sweet spot with my eyes, what I saw was the biggest, rosiest clit I’ve ever had the joy to suck in my life. Seriously, an immense pink pearl stared at me. And she told me exactly what she needed to get off.

After she had cum a few times, in quick electric bursts unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, we both returned to jack-n-jilling off. And when I came, cum sprayed all over my chest and stomach.


Well, this is getting long, but suffice it to say that we both recovered, and when we had, it was time to get the condoms out.

Mutual masturbation: I highly recommend it.

So here's something for you to comment on: have you ever or would you ever masturbate in front of a total stranger?

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