Another Poem  

rm_gromlin 42M
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7/22/2006 12:03 pm

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8/10/2006 8:12 pm

Another Poem

Sometimes you feel like sharing thoughts, feelings, experiences that have greatly affected your life,
This is a poem about one such day that changed my life forever.

I close my eyes and see her
As beautiful as I remember
I open my eyes to greet her,
And she is gone, I know forever
Why did he take her from me,
Why did she have to die.
Was this some cruel way to punish me,
If so then you succedded where you tried
Because I have suffered everyday,
With the knowledge that she's died,
And though on the outside I don't show it,
On the inside I still cry.


slightly_sexy8 39F
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7/22/2006 2:18 pm

that's lovely.

fallinStrgazer 55F
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7/22/2006 7:06 pm

That is heartwrenching Im very sorry you had to go through that, Im sure u loved her very much.. my heart goes out to you.. I cant say I know what you went through, but I can say I'll be sendin up a prayer for ya tonight...

rm_gromlin 42M

7/29/2006 10:35 am

Thank you, for you thoughts and prayers, I won't go into details, but suffice to say, she was probably the first true love of my life, and she passed away after battling a terminal disease. It's hard to watch someone and know there's nothing you can do to ease their pain and suffering.

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