#00 - If no one volenteers I'll have to do a Trick.  

rm_grey418 35M
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8/11/2006 8:40 pm
#00 - If no one volenteers I'll have to do a Trick.

Continued from yesterday...

I come (ha) to find out that this is in fact no true, that many porn penises are either big, average, or very big. With a few bitty nubs thrown in for confusion, and the horrible hymen ruining ram rods (that almost look like hollywood props). But all this time I thought I had a "just average" penis, because I heard that 6-7 inches is average, and I only ever measured once, when I was sixteen at the insistance of my gf at the time. It was 6.5 then, and to be perfectly honest, my growth spurt was about a year after that. (Seriously, I was the shortest boy it my class until the 11th grade, and I grew to 5'9" tall by graduation, meaning I towered over 4 or 5 of the asian guys.

That being said, I don't know if my cock is bigger when fully erect now, than it had been while a wooden ruler was held against it eight years ago. It probably is, but I don't want to measure it, because I don't need that measurement when trying on pants, unless its a really tight fit. The ladies need to know their cup size so they know what size bra to try, etc. So it's appropriate for them to measure (with a measuring cup I guess... I'd need to measure my chest wth a teaspoon).

The hypocrisy of a girl asking a guy his cock size then complaining about her breasts being oogled, and "she's not a piece of meat" is, I think, pretty obvious. Heh, I actually think of my cock like a piece of meat, there's no part of my soul or personality in it... well, maybe there was, but it may have sold its soul to Lucy the Satan Slop Hole. From now on if I get asked how big my dick is I'm going to say "Around 7 inches, how deep is your cunt" hahah, like some kind of business negotiation.

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