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9/1/2006 3:25 am

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Why must I love you the way I do?
Why do I care as much as I do?
I know your young and naïve.
But your love will not leave.
I’ve tried and tried but the feelings I can’t hide.
You have beaten me down and yet I still stand.
Why is my love for you so strong?
The answers I don’t know, what is so wrong?
Why do I love you so?
The answers I guess I’ll never know.
Why do I tolerate such abuse from you?
Why do I accept the things you do?
People say I’m crazy for the way I feel.
But the love I have seems so real.
But you will not accept my love from me.
You’ve found something that I can’t see.
What made you turn and run?
Should I just pick up the gun?
My heart you had,
Now it’s feeling sad.
Why must you do the things you do?
Should I move on and not feel so blue?
Your voice I do so crave to hear.
But all I get is bitching in my ear.
Was I so wrong in treating you the way I did?
I wish it would all end when I go to bed!!!!!!
The torture I will never endure again
So, guess I'm saying this is the end.
No more question will you hear at all.
I no longer will be there to catch you when you fall.
Good bye my love, Good bye!!!!!!!!!!

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