Christmas shopping special  

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2/28/2006 10:14 pm

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Christmas shopping special

Well, I knew you'd be in town for some "out-of-town shopping" with a friend this weekend. I'm home alone, how unusual, so I've been anticipating your call all evening. I have a full Saturday of construction, but have my cell phone stuck in my pocket on vibrate so I'll be sure to know when you call. It could be awkward if it rang at the wrong time, but your number on caller ID will tell me all I need to know.

I'm home and have gotten cleaned up, enjoying a cold beer on the leather loveseat when you call. The conversation is always a bit stilted at the beginning, "Like, hey there you are. Are you alone now?" You tell me your friend is leaving when I get there. "Where am I going?" The same hotel as last time, room 117 you say. It's on the back side of the building. Perfect for a discreet tryst.

I grab my cooler and kit. The cooler has Amaretto, beer, and some whipped cream. The kit has condoms, a favorite rabbit vibrator with batteries, and small bottle of the warming KY Jelly. I'm prepared with half a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, just in case I decide to start smoking again. Seems neither of us do smoke, unless we are around each other. I'm still sober, so I jump in my truck and head your direction.

On the way over I think of how nice you smelled last time, how you and I melt together so easily. Of the freak we got on when you gave me head in the bar...but that's a different story.

You're on the ground floor of a remodeled motel. I drive past the door once to make sure I know where it is, spot your car, and then turn around, selecting a parking space about five away from 117. I grab my gear, glance around the parking lot, and head for the door. God, I'm in my 40's but I can already feel the swelling in my 501's, knowing what's about to come.

It's a cold winter night, and when you open up the door the warmth pours out. Your wearing jeans and a blue satin top, clinging to your breasts. You're wearing a shear bra, and I can see the hardness of your nipples. Your blonde hair cascades gently around your cheeks and falls to your shoulders. Your friend is leaving, she knows the score. "Don't hurry back," you remind her.

We nervously smile at each other, and you come over to the end of the bed where I am sitting. I part my legs and you move towards me. You move your chest to my forehead and I encircle your waist with my arms. "God you feel so good."

You back away just far enough for me to start unbuttoning your top. We haven't even kissed yet. As I work my way to the top I flatten the back of my hands against your warm tits. You lean forward and nuzzle against the top of my head.

You're top is unbuttoned now; I stand and glide my hands up from your waist and around our back, pulling you towards me for a passionate kiss as I unfasten the back of your bra. We're not kids here, we want to get naked and fuck. There will be time enough for a long, slow session later.

I left your slippery satin top off of your shoulders and your black bra falls to the floor. You'v been spending time tanning, you're skin is a uniform light brown color. I'm always amazed at how your ample breasts can have such small and pert nipples. One nipple finds its way to my mouth, and I roll my tongue around it and then pull away sucking it to a rigid point.

Continued tomorrow.

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3/25/2006 7:02 pm

don't leave a girl hangin here finish already

kisses mel

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