Hot girl tells you she wants you....  

rm_gorilla062 51M
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4/6/2006 9:47 am

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4/7/2006 6:02 am

Hot girl tells you she wants you....

OK a hot girl tells you that she wants you and had a dream of having sex with you; this was a few months ago btw. She has at times put her tight little ass in your face and given you seductive tit shots; you finally get up the nuts to call her out with this anticipation of making her scream in delight buckin up on her and slappin her ass and now she gets cold feet!!!
WTF you tell me right to my face that I could do you and then say you are not sure??? Is this a joke?? Why would anywoman do that. Granted I am old enough to be her father but that doesn't bother me...hell my ego soared when she told me!!
Hello blue balls again!!!

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4/6/2006 10:53 am

Girls tease all the time.

You should have found out in the beginning whether she had any real intention of giving you any play.

Waiting only made you look like a fool.

Next time, just ask her what she wants. It's alot easier.

That way you find out and can either cut her off or move in.

You let her choose the interaction and ultimately paid the price.


"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

rm_gorilla062 replies on 4/6/2006 10:57 am:
Yeah I know... I am out of touch.. been out of the game too long I guess.... used to sniff that shit out quick.

sexyandsinglegal 58F
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4/7/2006 5:00 am

If you wouldn't waste your time on the young girls and come to us more mature and experienced women, you won't be disappointed. We know what we want and we go after it; no teasing (well, maybe just a little LO.

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