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8/6/2006 12:23 pm

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I met (virtually) a woman on AdultFriendFinder a while back. She's married, and looking for someone to join her and her husband. Sounded perfect to me, except the three hour drive to vist them. But I was willing to make some sacrifices, timewise anyway.

Janet* and I chatted for hours on IM over the course of several months. We got on really well and I feel like we became good friends, at least. We made tentative plans to get together. I would not really have considered travelling all that way if there hadn't been a connection. She cancelled by email one day, mentioned rescheduling for another time, and I've never heard from her again.

I know this kind of stuff happens all the time online but it has never happened to me after I had gotten to know someone so well (or so I thought). I feel like I was dumped on a post-it note. Am I making too much of this? I just kind of feel like an explanation would be appropriate under the circumstances.

* Some names have been changed to protect the virtual.

sprintbuyu157 49M

10/1/2011 5:45 am

If she wanted to explain don't you think she would have done it. Face it she lost interest and didn't want anything more to do with you. Put on your big boy panties and let it be

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