Morning Shower  

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12/28/2005 8:16 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Morning Shower

Sometimes I don't take enough time in the shower. This morning, I'm taking the time to just enjoy the warmth and the steam and the feel of soap slipping and gliding across my curves. I was up late last night, fretful and steamy and I need to get nice and clean. Clean up these naughty thoughts and clean up this naughty body too!

Woke up to that cloud of perfume that is self satisfactino. All musky and sweet, smelling like passion and the deep need for sex. Some sweet sexy man treated me to a view of his web cam and I enjoyed laying back and showing off for him just how worked up I was about 'today'. So yes, I still had sticky fingers this morning and while somtimes it's fun to linger with that scent around you....this morning is....not like any other morning.

So, here I am in shower, soapy hands sliding down my belly, up my breasts, down to the thatch of hair that....ohh wait...I really should shave this. Naughty girl. Naughty Naughty thoughs! Something about being shaved pink like some....'little' girl really turns me on! Grown woman with all her passion, little-girl delights.

Slip-slide goes the blade across my mound, between the swollen lips, against the crack of my ass, down my legs. The crisp little hairs drift down the exposed pink, swirling away. It leaves me.....Clean. Ripe. Ready to be tasted.

So, I post these thoughts, about the shower and about last night, writhing in my towel, waiting....think I'll just wrap up in a blanket when he some late offering for christmas. I wonder if he'll unwrap me with his teeth....

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