Hot tubs, cigars, brandy and sex!  

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1/3/2006 12:02 am

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3/11/2006 5:18 am

Hot tubs, cigars, brandy and sex!

I personally can't think of a much better way to ring in the new year. Can you? Alright, some people don't like the cigar thing or the drinking thing but come tubs and sex? Mmmm! Delightful!

I had a wonderful CAO gold, not sure what it was my hubby had, and some XO brandy.....listened to Billie Holiday. Mmmm, lights are all off in the house, gunshots ringing out in the night and those fireworks bursting in the sky.

Something sexy about a man smoking a cigar and flirting with him by wrapping my lips around my own, smoke curling up around us both as we snuggled in the hot water. His hand drifted across my breast first and he asked me to remove my swimming suit, jus the twinkle in his eyes from the cherry on the cigar. So sexy! And I just knew I couldn't say no to him. Slipped out of my suit, too dark for anyone but him to see me anyway! His mouth, smoky and hot falling onto my breasts, teeth nipping and biting at my nipples as he pushed me back into the water.

Playful, pinning me back against the wall of the tub, rubbing his hand down my naked body from tits to cunny, giving my clit a little squeeze as he drew in from his cigar, watching me with a certain, lusty ownership. "I'm going to just bend you over the side and fuck you!" Oh God, I thought I would cum right then and there! Our foreplay had been the 45 mins we'd been soaking in the tub, rubbing one another, teasing.....arousing, just waiting for this moment and I wanted him to take me. Hard and deep, like some wild beast in heat.

I think I startled him when I stood up, cigar dangling from my fingers, body slick and dripping, "So do it. Come and get your prize!" He was up quick, grabbing me, rubbing his cock against him through the damp shorts, grinding the thick tool aginst my hip and then, forcing me to turn around, nuzzling that cock into my asscheeks. The shorts came off fast and as I was forced down, first fingers and then the thick crown of his cock smeared me open, drawing across my tight pink lips. Wet from the water, frothy from my own excitement and need!

Clinging to the side of the pool with one hand, the other dangling that smokey cigar, I delighted in his rough fucking! One moment teasing me open and the next thrusting into me, crushing my breasts against the hottub wall with a savage, urgent jerk of his hips. Oh God yes! I needed it so bad! Needed the feel of his hand gripping my hip while his thick cock bruised my little cunny!! I cried out, letting my pleasure echo up to the other backyards...knowing they could hear me as they shot off their fireworks and guns...but I was about to have soemthing else shot off....something inside me, rock hard and pulsing, sending violent shudders of passion through my aching body!

We fucked like we'd not fucked for days....or weeks! Long, deep thrusts at first, head to shaft, balls spanking my wet, upturned ass. Then faster, drilling into me, grunting and growling in his mindless need!! Make me cum! Oh yes! Make my hot juices flood over you and claim you! So fucking good to feel the tightening of my sex, the thick pulse of my muscles around his cock as I cum, and cum, each thrust driving me higher, giving me more pleasure than the last! Cold night contrasting with that sizzling hot tub water and the even hotter blast of his cum deep inside my snatch. Ooh that sweet spurt of his seed into me, grinding it in deep as he cums, leaving ribbons of white to trail down my thighs, into the bubbling water. Mmmmm!!!!!

We were going to attend a swing-club group for New years eve, but after being stood up last week I was feeling less than exciting and not up for putting myself out like that for Fresno guys so soon. Thinking about going to the Bay Area to play. After the fun we had in the hot tub, I think I made the right choice!

rm_BigSexxxy693 46M
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1/4/2006 10:39 am

Damn you have a way with words!!! Happpy New Year to you!!! I loved reading your story, it sounded like a whole lot of fun. He is one luck man to have such a wonderful lady such as yourself to have such a lucious time with. Keep up the good work sexy!!!

Da Big Fella

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