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SINGLE guys in this article mean guys that “swing alone"
If every one in swinging understands what this lifestyle is about - sharing and exploring fantasies - then you can be a great asset to the lifestyle. Single guys must not become "pests", and just likes the excitement and fun of being sexual with a female, or the female part of a couple. They must realize that they can not be out there just to get a "piece". Everyone can always enjoy this exceptional adult experience.

A lot of couples play with single guys and there are a lot of good single guys out there, but there are also a lot of the stupid guys too. They can be extremely conceited and think that one should feel privileged to have sex with them. If a guy understands what this lifestyle is about - sharing and exploring fantasies - then he can be a great asset to the lifestyle. Please don’t have an ‘attitude’ and this goes for guys that are part of couples too. When a guy complains about not being picked, that is just too bad. Did you cry when you were picked last for the team too? I know, that sounds harsh. But if you want to be able to join in with a man and his wife, then you have to throw away the attitude.

Couples can have attitude too. Not all swingers want to swing with everyone and anyone. When people are single and dating they are selective and this applies just as much in swinging situations You go out, you find someone you are attracted to and you get to know them then you take it to the next level. The only difference in swinging is that it is involving more than just two people; which makes it that much harder. Now two people have to agree that they are attracted to a third (or a couple has to find a couple where the mutual attraction goes visa versa).

It's not an easy task and there is really no reason that we should have to accept second best (someone that we really aren't into). It's not an easy task but you can still have fun along the way of "searching" too. There are days that you see it as a challenge, and then there are other days that we just don't want to be "searching", and that's okay. Meeting and making new friends is always good
If you truly are a nice guy....couples will seek you out. It may be a harder task for you, but it also is a hard task for couples as well. The one thing about this lifestyle is that it does take some effort, more than most people put into a dating relationship.
A couple should remember, a single guys might have one strike against them which is not always there fault; its because some times don't understand the scene.

It is really irritating to couples when single guy complain that they did not get laid. If you are a single guy and you did not bring any sandwiches to the picnic sometimes you just are not offered a bit of other peoples pack lunch. You have paid to get into a club and that is all you have paid for. Women do not like to think that they are just there for the sexual fun of swingers’ parties paying guests. Nothing like making a woman feel as though she is a paid whore or there simply for some single guys pleasure. Those are guys who obviously have no clue what the lifestyle is about. This is the reason most clubs don't allow single men at all or hand pick the single guys. If a club allows single men they should be well screened and proportioned based on the number of couples that are there, not just randomly allowed into the club. Not only does that cause these sorts of problems but when people who don’t understand swinging are allowed into a swingers club it will cause others problems.
It must be pointed out though that there are predatory, males and females and we all must be careful as swingers, . If someone is truly into this lifestyle they wouldn’t be anything but truthful. If you are swinging alone please say so don’t pretend other wise you will be found out and made to look foolish. Some couples are looking for single men. Most couples are looking for is a man that is caring, discreet, thoughtful

The best way for a single guy to do this is to find the right woman FIRST; who might be willing to play in the future. Every guy wants to meet a woman who is already a swinger or open to it, so they can have a swing partner right now. When their best chance would be to just put the effort into finding a girlfriend for who she is, someone who is open minded in general. If a guy has the attitude that this is time consuming and takes too much effort in finding the right woman then he is not up for swinging, he is only wanting sex.

Swinging is not about getting free It is about treating the other swingers, couples or singles, with respect and honesty. This wills always l led to further introductions and contacts... so for all the genuine people...keep takes time and perseverance but it is worth it. To all the juvenile people if you want another "notch" on your gun.... why not pay for a professional it and stop making it hard for us genuine swingers.

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