Getting more than just a foot long at the hot dog shop.  

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Getting more than just a foot long at the hot dog shop.

Meeting Jason was as much a testament to luck as it was to his horniness. I was out having lunch downtown at a local hot dog joint. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this guy also sitting by himself. He had a short hair cut and was wearing a shirt that said Navy in big letters on the front. I kind of dismissed him and went back to reading my magazine and eating lunch. When I left I walked four blocks to a computer store that I had always wanted to check out. As I was browsing, I noticed the same guy in the Navy shirt.

When I first saw him back at the hot dog place, he had this military look and I kind of just assumed he was one of the many military guys that we have here in Pensacola. I don’t have anything against the military, its just that military guys just are not my thing. When he noticed that I had seen him, he started this innocent walk toward me. That was when I noticed that the Navy shirt was actually an Old Navy shirt. I also noticed that this guy was really fit.

“Do you know how to operate the rental computers?” he asked. I was a little taken aback as I realized that this guy was not military, just real hard bodied and clean. “Not really” I said, “this is my first time in this shop, but I can help you try to figure it out.” As we walked over to the computers, I started to get a vibe from him that was a little unexpected. He introduced himself as Jason and told me that he was passing through on his way to Tampa. It didn’t take long to realize that he really wasn’t interested in using the computers.

“You know, I only live a couple of blocks from here. If you just want to borrow a computer, you can come up to my apartment.” I said with a coy little smile. I could tell from the twinkle in his eye that he wanted to use more than the computer.

We made small talk as we walked the three blocks to my building. The whole way I could feel my heart beating faster. By the time we got to the elevator, there was no hiding the very obvious hard cock in my shorts. As the door closed, Jason turned to me and pressed me up against the elevator wall. My heart was pounding as he reached into my shorts and said “oh, is this for me?” My knees went weak as he touched my hard cock.

Regaining a little composure, I managed to say “It depends on what you have for me.” He stood there looking dead into my eyes as I moved my hand down his rock hard abs to the big surprise he had for me. As soon as I touched the waste band of his running shorts, I could feel the head of his cock already popping out. It had a drop of glistening pre-cum already wetting the head. I could feel that it was thick and I could feel a hot pulse from it as I ran the back of my fingers across the head. I took a deep breath and shuddered for a moment just as the elevator door began to open.

Thankfully there was no one there waiting on the elevator as we got off. My apartment was just across the hall as I pulled Jason out of the elevator by the waste band. I pushed the door closed with my foot as I pulled Jason’s running shorts down with my free hands. “Right to business huh? I like that” Jason said. When I felt Jason’s cock in the elevator, I new that he was big, but nothing prepared me for the ten inch, thick python that was poised in front of me now. I could feel my heart now pounding in my throat.

Jason stepped out of his shorts and casually walked over to my couch stripping off his t-shirt in the process. In the afternoon light, his well conditioned body was smooth and inviting. “Come here,” he said “I need you to help me warm up a bit.” I walked over to the couch doing the same casual striptease that Jason had done. With Jason sitting on the couch, I stood in front of him naked and trying to hide my nervous anticipation.

Jason leaned forward and put is hands on my hips. I closed my eyes and quivered as he caressed from my back down across my ass and to just behind my knees. With his eyes locked on mine, he slowly dragged his right hand up my thigh and his left hand into the small of my back. I shuddered again as he wrapped his fingers around the base of my hard cock. Jason leaned forward and took the head of my cock into his moist and supple mouth. I closed my eyes and leaned back on my heels as Jason pulled me into his mouth, his rough tongue tantalizing the underside of my cock.

I felt Jason’s hand in the small of my back pulling me into him as my ecstasy kept building and yet the whole time in the back of my mind was the anticipation of Jason’s monster cock. I did not even know if I could take a cock that size. I knew that I would choke trying to deep throat him but I also knew that I had take him as deeply as I could. My mind was adrift when Jason pulled off and lay back on the couch. “Now I want you to have a taste” said Jason.

A broad smile spread across my face as I knelt down to face Jason’s monster. With him sitting back it stood in the air like a tower at eye level. I stood up on my knees and pulled his cock to my lips. My nervousness had dried them a little so I licked them hungrily. I can taste the pre-cum that is wetting the top of this tower. I paused for a moment to appreciate this monument to manhood. It was a good ten inches and so thick I could hardly get my fingers to close around it. I could feel the blood pumping inside it that made it bigger and harder by the minute.

As I covered his cock with my mouth, I could fell it pulsing in my mouth. The salty, musty taste filled my senses and covered my tongue. I began to bob up and down massaging the shaft with one hand while I steadied myself with the other. I feel Jason’s hand on the back of my head moving along in time. I can feel him pulsing bigger in time with my strokes. I have to know “can I take all of him” I thought to my self. I begin to push Jason deeper and deeper now, the head of his cock trying to push into the back of my throat. I decide to go for it. I take a deep breath and relax my throat as I push him further and further down.

There is a brief moment of suction as my diaphragm tightens and then my throat tightens. The harsh salty taste followed by a wretch as I choke. I have to pull off for a moment as I try to hold down my lunch. I cough and look plaintively into Jason’s eyes. “It happens all the time” he said. “Are you sure that you are up to it?” I take a deep breath and say “damn right.” I pull Jason forward a little to adjust the angle of his cock and then I get back to work.

I begin again working him up and down further and further into my throat. The finger of my right hand circled around the base of his cock massaging him and enjoying his full length. Then I relax my throat a little more and suddenly I have the head moving in and out of my throat.

Jason starts to moan as I push him deeper and deeper. I start a slow rhythm as I pull him all the way to my tongue and then push his cock deeper and deeper. There is a bump that lessens a little more each time as his cock hesitates at the entry to my throat.

I am delighted realizing that I have passed my first test. I have swallowed the monster with the only question being “how far can I take him?”

Jason is moaning and starting to tense up. I pull back and take one more deep breath as I ready myself to take Jason’s seed. My eyes are tearing from the choking sensation but I want to see if I can touch his balls with my tongue. It’s an old trick, but one that gives me a special joy. Jason’s monster cock, however, is a special challenge.

“Oh God!!!” cries Jason as his whole body is locked in orgasmic ecstasy. I push down with my tongue stretching to reach for Jason’s balls. Jason is a little thicker towards the base and there is just no way to get him all the way down. I realize that I am going to have to pull back. As the head of Jason’s cock is almost out of my throat, I can feel the warmth of his cum filling my throat. “Not so fast” says Jason as I feel his hand on the back of my head. I start to push back down when Jason pushes hard burying my face in his bush. Jason’s back is arched so much that his ass is lifted off the couch and the balls that I just a moment ago tried so hard to reach with my tongue are resting firmly against my chin.

I pause in disbelief but immediately cradle his balls in my hand as I start to bath the front with my tongue. Jason is now writhing and I can feel his cock pumping seed into my throat. Jason keeps holding me there with his cock holding off any prayer that I have for air. Then the tension that has gripped Jason starts to subside. I can feel in still in my throat, but now only filling me instead of choking me. I fall back and lay still for a moment. Jason is wiped out and lying on the couch with a satisfied little smile on his face.

I am feeling pretty satisfied myself but still staring at that gorgeous cock. I was sitting on the floor leaning on Jason’s leg with just a few inches between me and the monstrous cock that only a moment ago threatened to choke the life from me. Instead, it delivered the delicious man seed that I still felt swimming in my throat. Jason is resting staring at the ceiling and muttering something about feeling lucky when he woke up this morning. Myself, I was feeling pretty lucky right now. My left hand was gently massaging my semi-hard cock and my right hand started to absent mindedly started to play with Jason’s sleeping giant.

Even though my head was at Jason’s mid thigh, it was well within range of his cock. I started flopping it around alternately hitting his well cut abs and smacking it against my cheek. This brought out a mischievous grin on Jason. “Already ready for more” he asked? I just smiled and started licking the full length of his cock lick a lollipop. His cock immediately grew to its full length. Jason let me enjoy my slurp fest for few minutes before saying “enough appetizers, lets get to the main course.” My heart skipped a beat. I knew that I wanted it. I just did not know if I was ready for it.

Jason stood up and started to push me down the hall toward the bedroom. As he backed me down the hall, my heart raced. I mean it was only with a lot of help and not even completely by choice that I was able to get that thing down my throat. My tight little ass had begged for mercy on smaller cocks than this one and I was really near the point of no return now. I wanted to just back out but I didn’t think that he would settle for another blow job at this point. “I hope for your sake that you have lube” Jason said with a wry grin. A little wide eyed, I pointed to the night stand. “That’s what I thought” said Jason as he reached over to pull out the half used bottle.

“I don’t know if I can handle that thing” I said. Jason just smiled and said “don’t worry, soon you’ll be begging me not to stop. Now give me some more of that throat.” I knelt down to do as I was commanded. Jason just stood there like a general looking over his conquest.

I eagerly began to suck on Jason’s mighty cock. It was still as enjoyable as it was the first time but now I was just buying to get ready. As I worked Jason’s cock, I could feel my ass start to twitch with anticipation. My rock hard cock was pulsing in time with my strokes on Jason’s cock which is now fully awake.

My heart skipped a beat as Jason pulled me up saying “now its time for dinner.” Jason pushes be down on my back and grabs the lube. He spreads my legs apart and moves in standing with his cock right above mine. He pulls the top off and pours the half the lube out all over his massive cock letting the excess fall right on my hard cock. I can feel the warming sensation as the lube runs down around my cock and funnels into the crack of my ass. Jason grabs both of our cocks together and starts to gyrate his hips rubbing our throbbing meat together. “That’s what you want isn’t it. You want me to fuck you RIGHT!” Jason says gritting his teeth. I can feel Jason’s balls dragging across my hole and making my ass pulse knowing that it is next.

“Yesssss” I softly moan. “What!” Jason growled. “Yes, I want you to fuck me” I stammered back. “Yes” Jason moaned. He put my feet up on his shoulders and grabbed my cock in one had as he aimed his with the other. I could feel him slowly rubbing his cock back and forth over my hole while he slowly jacked my cock with his free hand. He just kept rubbing back and forth. Not enough to ever cum, but just enough to make me know that I had to have him.

Soon I felt him begin to start rocking, slowly at first, just enough to stretch me just a little more with each stroke. As he moved his hips back and forth he kept a steady pace up and down on my cock, just enough to keep me rock hard. Then I felt that familiar pinch as his cock began to breach my outer walls where he paused. I thought that he was in and decided that this would be easier than I thought. It was when Jason pushed forward just a bit more that I realized that his head was not in.

The searing pain was more than I ever expected. I bucked up and pulled away still stinging from his intrusion. Jason stood there smiling and still stroking my cock said “you almost had it. Now ask me for it again.” I lay there catching my breath unresponsive. Then Jason reached down and pushed his lubed finger deep in my ass. I could feel him massaging my prostate and smiling with that evil grin. “Now ask me for it again” he demanded once more. I felt a tingle going up and down my spine as he kept stoking me closer and closer to the edge then he suddenly stopped. “Ask me” he demanded once again.

“Oh god, yes please fuck me” I said. “Fine then” he said “but this time you are not getting away from me so easy. Turn over on you stomach.” I complied and this time he had me. There would be little that I could do trapped between him and my heavy antique bed. Jason pours the rest of the lube on my ass and places his cock once again against me. Rocking back and forth again he finally breaches my outer hole. This time there is no pause. He keeps pushing until he has a third of his ten inches firmly buried inside me.

I can hardly breathe as he continues to work me back and forth. My head is swirling as I feel as though he will soon rip me in half. I want to make him stop but my rock hard cock will not let me move even if I could. He keeps thrusting more and more. My head is spinning and my ass is tingling and my cock feels ready to explode.

Jason just keeps thrusting more and more. My head is reeling and I have to brace myself as he just keeps thrusting. Suddenly pulls out. My ass still gapes open as it is deprived of the massive cock that was just filling it. Jason turns me back over on my back. “Now that the hard part is over, let’s have a little fun” he says.

With my legs back on his shoulders, Jason once again plunges into me. This time he has his hands wrapped around my cock, using it as a handle to pull himself into me deeper and deeper. I am in heaven. I smile as I realize that Jason has managed to bury his entire shaft in my hungry ass.

Jason is pounding me now with a deep burning furry. I gyrate my hips and clench to maximize the feeling. WHACK!! I feel the sting as Jason slaps my ass. “Oh yeahh” he growls “how do you like that? Tell me not to stop.” “Please, don’t stop” I say. SMACK!!! “Tell me you want more. Tell me you want it harder” he says. “Moooore, Haaarder!” I manage to say in between my labored breaths. I would have said anything to keep him going.

The sting in my ass cheek made my eyes swim in my head. I can feel Jason’s hand working on my cock we are both near the edge. I clench my ass once more and I feel Jason start to tense up. WHACK!!! Once more he stings my ass with a slap and suddenly I can feel the warm flooding of his seed in my ass. I look down in time to see a huge shot of my own cum stream all over my chest. Pulsing waves of orgasm wash over my body.

Jason leans over and rests against my chest. Sticky cum lubricates us as we lay prostrate on the bed. Soon I can feel the massive cock that is filling my ass start to relax and finally it falls away leaving only a void and a steady drip of cum streaming from my ass. We both lay there for a while until Jason decided that he needed to get on the road.

We exchanged emails for a while and I caught up with him once again in Tampa. But nothing was like that first time we met at the hot dog shop.

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I, would like Beautiful history to live her in first person.

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