mmmmm last night  

rm_gisforgirl 50F
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9/4/2006 1:21 pm
mmmmm last night

oh my i love sex. i'm thinking about it right now, after looking at pictures on this site. i had really great sex last night. he fucked me while we watched porn. it was soooo hot. i'd gone to bed, and he'd gone to bed. i got up to tell him some news story and i caught him masturbating. that turned me on, and i took off my pants and joined him in bed. i felt my pussy getting wet as i lay next to him. we kissed and started caressing each other. his skin is so soft, i love the way it feels. squeezing his butt while he lays on me... feeling his sexy soft thighs between my legs is such a turn-on. he rubbed my clit while i stroked his dick. the skin was velvety smooth on a rock hard base. i wanted him to lick me, but instead he fucked me. oh it feels so good going in. hitting that spot just inside as his dick goes in for the first time... i'm wet just thinking about it now. i was so horny getting fucked, hearing the noises from the porno, imagining us in a room of others fucking at the same time, thinking how fun it would be if we had another girl to do this to/with. he made me cum while he fucked me. it feels so good, from my toes to my head. then he was about to cum. the rhythm gets heavier, his pounding me gets harder, then his breathing gets louder, and it really gets me off. i felt like i could cum again as he shot off inside me. it was awesome. we watched a different porn, this one all girls, and i got horny again and humped his leg to orgasm. he's got such nice legs... beautiful thighs, strong knees just right for rubbing my clit on. i came again on his leg and we turned off the porn and lay there in sweat and cum, breathing hard. we've done this practically every day for the past week. my pussy hasn't worked this hard and been this pleasured in such a long time.

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