opps there goes my knickers  

rm_girl_or_boy 42M
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7/24/2006 12:21 pm
opps there goes my knickers

Why do i feel this way ? i so want to have sex with a man or men or and or regually. Am I turning gay ? I really don't know. i still feel so much love and affection for my wife and very much enjoy sex with her. But all today i have so wanted a man to be with me, in bed, touching me and taking down my knickers.

I want to be tou7ched and caressed, to have my naughty little skirt lifted over my bottom. I want a man to come behind me and show me whose boss.

I want a man !

I play with myself beliving that it is him. Ever since I met that guy the other week (the one I bloogged about being so nice in bed) i have had such dirty thoughts. Thoughts that i should not be having. I do feel guilt, but no remorse, sometimes I feel so bad, but I have no regrets.


I just want my knickers taken down.

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