knickers and bras  

rm_girl_or_boy 42M
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9/5/2006 9:49 am
knickers and bras

I have always liked wearing knickers and bras most out of all womens clothes, they feel liberating and so femanine and if worn well, can also look really good. Worn under trousers or shorts they are easy to hide and no one would ever notice you are wearing them.

What is it about sexy undies I love so much ?

I love the feel of lace, satin or silk over my bottom and enjoy trying to make the best out of my cleavage ! (thats a constent struggle !) I just feel sexier and more at easy in a nice pair of well fitting knickers. Personally I am a panties or shorts person. I love the way they seem to keep everything in its place and feel great at the same time. Lace panites are the best and I feel look the best on me. A g-string is ok but can be like wearing a razor blade sometimes ! From an early age I have enjoyed the feel of satin or lace and most recently have taken the step of trying to wear either at most times.

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