Pettiecoats and Pectorals - touched for the very first time !  

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Pettiecoats and Pectorals - touched for the very first time !

By the time I had got to my teenage years i was starting to dress up more and more. Finding different excuses to go to bed at night. My bedroom had become a haven that i sometimes longed to be in, under the sheets, in a nice lacy peticoat. But i had never thought about sex in that way, i was like any other boy, I wanted sex with a girl.

It was when I was 14 that I had my first sexual experiances. Within weeks I had my first experiances with and girl and a man !.

A Girl !

The girl was a girlfriend, a long relationship that lasted all of 3 days ! (until she went off with my mate). She was sexy, busty (biggest in the school year I'll have you know) and was the girl that all the boys wanted. I was a cute, inocent 14 year old, who was quite athletic and well built for his age. But I was more used to my right hand than to girls ! She was a naughty temptres who led me astray ! Those three days were great, I remember kissing her for the first time, touching my first booby, gettin naked under the sheets with her, and her mate ! and generally having a very naughty time. Nothing too sexual just a little bit of touching. She cheated on me on the third day, I was heart broken, the world was about to end, life could never be the same again and I was depressed,....for at least two hours !

A Man ?

A couple of weeks later I was playing football down the park and went to walk home after the game (which we lost I think - gutted, two tragic events in two weeks. First I lose a girl then football, life surely was about to end !).

A man came up and we started chatting. we were talking for a while and gradually the conversation came round to my experiancces with the girl 2 weeks before. I felt a bit odd as I started to feel a bit horny, now I didn't expect that (most 14 y old boys feel horny 24 / 7 but...). I felt he could feel that and he asked if I would ever go with boys ?, did I like boys ? I didn't know what to say and was even more speachless when he put his hands on me. I liked it. He moved behind me a put his hands up my top and then round to my front and then down my shorts. I just sat there and let him do it. I wasn't scared and I didn't feel it was wrong, I seemed to like it just as much, maybe more than, girls touching me. I started to think, that if I was a girl and was being touched by a man ? I now started to like his touch even more and even raised my hips so he could get closer. I started to get erect and then guilt hit me, why should I like this ? I stopped him straight away.

That was it really we said our goodbyes and then we both parted, he (obviously) very happy, me slightly worried why I liked a man touching me. Later in my bedroom I cried, not because of the experiance, but because I seemd to be getting more and more to like the thought of it. BUT...and this is a biggy, I wanted him to touch me while I was wearing a that IS fucked up...isn't it ?

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