Pettiecoats and Pectorals - pt:3 - ACID HOUSE  

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Pettiecoats and Pectorals - pt:3 - ACID HOUSE

I had left this story of my life (Pettiecoats and Pectorals - pt's 1 & 2) in the middle of my awkward teens. I had met with and had sexual contact with other men and also had the same with girls. During the years sixteen to eighteen I had looked back with enjoyment and wonder at my time with both sexes, but I always felt more turned on by the thought of being with a man and especially with a man who would treat me like a girl. I wanted that feeling of unease that came with thinking about men and the more intense feelings that came when I dressed up. But i was now 18 and had to lose my cherry, it was to come and at the time it felt great.

It was after a drunken night and day that I found myself in the arms of a fellow student and FEMALE worker 'Irish girl' She was not especially good looking, but had a great body and more importantly she wanted me ! After far too many Irish coffees (I think it was St Patricks day) I was taken back to hers, where she took me into the bed room and started to kiss me. I could feel myself bursting inside and very soon after was busting inside her ! That was about it, short sharpe and to the point.

For the next few years I found something else in my life, drugs. It was a period I look back and wonder why I did it, but I did. Do I have any regrets, of cause I do. Did enjoy it, YES ! But don't get me wrong, I would NEVER advocate it. It didn't ruin my life, but ruined so many others around me. I lost 2 friends to drugs and some are still suffering now, 15 years later.

The late 80's were a time of great rebellion in this country (the UK) Maggie Thatcher and her government were hated more than ever. The government and the Police seemed to be out of control, and very much out of touch, and a new generation wanted to party hard to the vibrant music scene that was coming out of the UK, Belgium (?) and America. Acid House had hit the streets, the UK were producing bands like Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Prodigy and lots simular and America was chipping in with the whole sub pop thing with Nirvana et all and Janes Addiction, the Pixies, Mudhoney, Red Hot Chillie Peppers and many more. Everyone seemed to want to party hard, talk revolution and take drugs. Acid and Extacy hit the UK hard. In Manchester and London the dance scene was awash with people either hugging you or crying with laughter. Illegal raves were everywhere and the police struggled to cope with this and the riots against the poll tax. My drug of choice was acid, speed and hash and my politics were of watching more than participating.


The drugs and politics were just a small thing really, music was the key. In my lifetime never has such a wide and varied scene hit in such a short space of time. Between 1987 and 1992 music seemed to pull up new bands, sounds and scenes every day. I saw Nirvana, Janes Addiiction, Happy Mondays, Red Hot Chillies and many more alike, plus at weekends I would stand in a field, arms in the air dancing like a wild banshee to bleeps and whistles !

So as you can guess sex seemed to take a back step. Maybe this is the difference between this, self preclaimed, 'second summer of love' and the first summer of love - everyone was hugging, yes, but only beacuse of the extacy, nothing to do with sex. Personally this was a very barren period for me, I had the odd fumble, but nothing else. And my love of dressing up ?...gone. I didn't want to, apart from the odd saucy and knowing grin men and me parted company for many years. It was only many years later that my real sexual urges came back. And bloddy hell did they come back !!!!

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Hello again! I'm enjoying this story of your life. Very well written to say the least. I look forward to reading more.

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7/7/2006 11:25 am

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! I like your blogs as well honey, keep it going.

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