Pettiecoats and Pectorals - pt:2  

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6/30/2006 10:54 am
Pettiecoats and Pectorals - pt:2

By the time I was halfway through my teenage years I had started to realise that this 'phase' I was going through was not going to go away.

I was only 16 but I realised that I was a crossdresser, I just liked dressing up too much for me not to be. But what was interesting me now was why was I starting to get attratcted to man as well as girls. The girl who I had my first sexual experiance with had come back for more, this time leaving me again for another mate (she really knew how to crush a guy). The relationship lasted much longer this time, 3 weeks ! I even put my hand up her skirt.

But at the same time I was becoming more aware of my femanie side, I loved wearing pettiecoats and silk and adored window shopping. I would spend hours wondering what it would be like to have the time and freedom (and money) to shop until I dropped, buying: skirts, dresses, knickers, knickers, knickers, bras, stockings and the old fav pettiecoats

I was 16 and an athlete, a sprinter, and I had just finished training at the national sports staduim in London. I used to train three days a week and this day I had been training in the morning and was at the station, waiting to go home. Sitting on the station in my tracksuit top, tight and high cut blue running shorts, pop socks and trainers (this was the 80's). I was drying my hair with a towel, having had a shower just before I left training. While drying my hair I could see a man looking at me and I was sure he was checking me out. He was sitting just down the station from me, looked quite fit and was about 30ish. I felt flattered and slightly turned on by the thought of another man looking at me. I noticed men look at me before and had enjoyed it. Also (as explained in my blog before) I previously had some sexual contact with men. But this was different, I was slightly older and was more sexually aware of my body. I thought it was my looks that were turning him on and felt good about that, a shimmer of pride went through me. This was until I noticed what he was looking at ! I tried not to look at him, but caught his gaze once and followed it down from my face, over my chest, down past my tummy and ! That was when I noticed I had my legs slightly apart and my high cut athletic shorts were not leaving much to the imagination !

Trying desperately to suppress an embaressed smile, I turned and walked away, into the waiting room, but foolishly I looked back behind me, smiling at him as I went. Why did I do that ? I was alone in the changing romm cursing myself at my stupidity, why did I smile at him ? I felt annoyed with myself, but still turned on. that was it, i realised that i was getting more and more turned on at the thought of him looking at me. I sat there wondering if...then he came in. I was frozen to the spot, scared and nervous, he had followed me and I had kinda given him the excuse. Nervously I smiled at him as he came in, smiling back he walked past and sat down, his gaze never leaving me. I crossed my legs and looked away shy and timid, looking anyware but at him. I could see his eyes baring down on me again, down my neck, onto my chest and down onto my waist, ligering between my legs and slowly moving up and down my thighs. I felt him undress me, touch me, his hands slowly moving over me. His eyes were his fingers, slowly pushing back the elastic of my shorts and slipping inside. They were touching me and caressing me, my whole body felt on fire, urging him to rip my top off and bury himself in my chest, freeing my erect nipples with his lips. I was fighting the temptation to respond, I so wanted to look back at him, check him out, undress him. I couldn't, I was younger than him, I was still innocent, still a virgin. More importantly I was a boy ! My feeling for girls had not been explored, let alone men.

I felt my groin starting to respond, it felt like it was on fire and it was getting a bit wet !!! Oh god, I felt so good and my inner thoughts were giving me away, I so wanted to fight this, but i was giving in. I turned round to face him. Leaning back I rested my head against the wall, half closing my eyes and opening my legs. My penis was now getting larger, I could feel the fabric of my shorts strain and the air whispering against my manhood as the gaps between the fabric and my thighs started to widen. He was getting more excited and was touching himself, I wanted to touch myself but couldn't I was frozen with fear. I imagined him next to me, his hand drifting up my thigh, under my shorts, touching me again, releasing me. I sat there looking at him through my half closed eyes, wanting to explore my body, me laying back and letting him. I did want him to, so wanted him to. I HAD TO

I got up looked at him and walked perposefully into the toilets.

Has he followed me ? did he come in ? who's that walking in ? I sat in the cubicle thinking. I did so want to see what would happen, what he would feel like. Would I touch him, would he touch me, I did so want him to. I had parted my legs and I was touching myself through my shorts...suddenly the door of the cubicle started to open and he was standing here watching me and I was caught, playing with myself in his gaze. I looked up at him and my eyes gave away my pain,. I could be taken at any time, I was putty in his hands.


I came, I came straight away, I trembled as I wet my shorts, closing my eyes and thrusting back my head at the shear release, my body trembled and I went limp. He wasn't upset, he wasn't angry, he just blew me a kiss and closed the cubicle door, leaving me to clean myself up.

That was my last real gay experiance until another 15 years later, when finally I was able to go with a man. It was a long wait, but I still had my petticoats and pectorals to dream about.

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