puncuation and continuation.  

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puncuation and continuation.

max\gabriell continued.

so the next morning when gabriell realized what she had done she felt really good and had a tremendus glow about her
and she got up before max to cook him breakfast and she threw some bacon on the skillet as max awake's to the smell of breakfast being cooked
shocked and suprised she is still there....... he walks out to the kitchen and gabriell says how many of what kind of eggs ya want?
so he walked up behind her and was licking the greese off of her and he tell's her and she leans into him and asks if he has to go to work today
of coarse not so the idea was to spend the day in bed. so she took the bacon off and put it in a plate and fixed max some toast and he sat down.. and then gabriell sat on him ( he's still naked too).....
this instantly gets max hard and starts to kiss her neck but she resists and makes him eat first.so she fed him and they did a lady and the tramp thing with the bacon...
then gabriell starts to kiss on max and ventures all the way down the happy trail all the way to excitment and she plunged it all the way into her mouth got it all in withone shot...
and she started going to town .. max shocked totally but into it was caressing her head and running his finger's through her hair
and then he grunted.... then moan... then screamed oh my god ! i'm cumming!!!!!!!!!!! and he shot a load right into the back of grabiell's throat and she swollowed as fast
as she could but it was just too much to fast and it started to oozzze from her mouth..... then she got up and dissapeared ran down the hall... max thinking for a moment.
then he hears the shower start and he runs down to the bathroom where he finds gabriell in the shower with the shower head in her hand pleasuring hersself
and this turns him.... so he jumps in the shower and spins her around and again starts in slowly and then burry's himself deep into her
and she screamed for a moment in absolute pleasure the max takes the shower head and helps her play with herself as he goes to town pumping deep into her hot sexy hole
oh god she cries and he grabs her hips and pushes harder and faster trying to get deeper and deeper into her and with a final thrust she screams YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then a big sigh as max cums yet again deep into
gabriell then she turns to him and kisses him and he startes to kiss her neck and go down on her and man oh man was that a hot shower the steam poored out into the hallway
and all the neighbors kept hearing was OH MY GOD OH OH OH.... and then a big OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 from both of them.
then they washed up and dried off and went to bed.... to be continued.

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