A for Anatomy  

rm_gimmethenite 46M
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4/20/2006 12:35 pm
A for Anatomy

Anatomy : I think I always disliked my body, as 90% of all people in the world. But there is one part of my body that draws attention. My Phallus.
It all began with circumcision ( being jewish ) so it looked quite different from day 8 of my life.

Size does matter, I can tell you that from my experience. I discover that many girls lie about size cause they really know the most harming "words" to men is "too small !". There is a god, I have a large sex. This is not a way to make me look good . It is a fact. And I must live with the other fact that some girls are scared by over sized sex. So this may not always be an asset. Especially because I am attracted to Asian girls... there you go, another "A" of my life ( this will be a complete other topic i guess ).

We men are terribly led by our "dumb stick". It makes us say the most "surreal" lines to pick up any random girl. Getting older we master the beast, like a Cow-boy on a Wild horse. But it is an everyday job to keep it inside his pocket.

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