What to write?  

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8/6/2006 7:37 am

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What to write?

Right now I'm in a period of transliteration and absolutely had no idea on what to write for this posts.This is going to be my 63rd. posts.Any celebration? Perharps a beer or a wine toss or going to the nearby bar for a couple of drinks? Maybe not.Revealed another 63 things about myself? I'm not in the mood to do so either, even for now.

Then what am I supposed to write? Should I write a poem or an erotica? Nope, just not today.Fine, then let me choose or pick myself a topic or a subject for my today's post. Let's talk about pun writings and my personal point of view regarding this "sweet tooth" writing technique or whatever it is compared to some serious journal or publisher kinds of writings where here they are called as "Pure English in Writings." It is not my intention to spark any kinds of enragement nor did I want to debase upon someone's writings abilities and I apologise if this entry or post did; but since that I had nothing inspiring to write then perharps why not set some of the combustion just a little bit, as I'm pretty damned cold and shivering right now.It seems that everytime I'm writing for my post, I was being "curse" as a plagiarist and we'll see about this one.

Not that I hate people who loves using pun in their writings but honestly to me such a kind of writings is just like imagining that I'm having my morning coffee without any cream or without sugar at all.Tasteless coffee in black and I find it pretty much difficult to swallow especially during the early morning.I love reading pun writings, but I hate it real bad in my writings and that is why I DON'T use pun in my posts.Infact actually, I was once introduced into pun writings technique before.Long story short, it happened way back almost 15 years ago.Living in a third world country where English were treated as a second language, I knew for sure that I am gonna be in a real deep shit if I don't learn and master the language pretty fast as I could for my MUET(Malaysian University English Test) preparations.One's need to have to scored a good marks which is 70% in essay writing sets by the Malaysian Education Board as a minimum passing marks and luckily I've managed just an 87% though my essay's sucks, but they've told me that my writing is cool.Yep,my mother was a caucasian, but she doesn't speaks english at all.

I joined the "American English Speaking" course, a course conducted by a non-government body to help Malaysians from all works of lifes including students who wants to learn and master good english either in written or spoken.It's a twelve months course conducted every sundays for six hours and they charged RM 10.00 per hour.They even hired teaching professionals from the state to teached during the entire one year course.There I was first introduced into pun writings,pronunciations,spellings ect.Come to talk about pronunciations and spellings, I found them even much interesting to learned, where I was asked to pronounced the words "fast" with the accent "fest" and "last" to "lest" and spelled the words "colours" to "colors" and "favours" to "favors."

But whenever it comes into writings, which is in pun, I found it somewhat pale and monotonous as they were to much which they called as "an expansion of passages" used in these types of writings technique.It's just like whenever I'm driving my car, I was driving a manual type where I have to frequently shifted the gear.Even the sincere meanings to some of the words could sometimes gives one's a terrible heart attack as it could either be a praise or a humiliation.

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