Living in the Closet !!  

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5/30/2006 8:05 am

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Living in the Closet !!

If you like to have a relationship, should it be the person of your own gender or should it be the person from your opposite sex ? And why? Is the person you want is the same person meant to you ? Or, when you said the person is meant to you but not necessarilly the person you want ?Such a hard question to answer indeed!!

What if anyone ever finds out that you 're GAY ? It's just like living in the closet.Most of them knew the feeling of the pressure of being GAY .They have to be so cautious of what they do and how they did it.They more than likely will have two separate life usually consisting of their own relationship.My only question for now is,why is that so many of them finds it hard to come out or even admit to themselves that they're GAY ? By telling the truth to their parent's, families, friends or sometimes their employers ?WTF ?

Sometimes I ponder why were they so afraid Is this because of their outer man or their inner child characteristics ?Funny things about these so-called GAY relationship is whenever it comes into some misunderstanding like arguing or breaking up with "her" partners.Wonder how they quarell, fight and kick on each other and then manipulate each other carefully by offering something pleasant just to soothe the anger off.Funny like hell !

What about family and children ? Well, if you married a woman, then have sex and conceive a child,HELL ,no one thinks about it ! However, if a gay people wants children,they are limited to adoption or artificial insemination."Fucking hell shit." In Malaysia, GAY life is condemned by the conservative religion - based discrimination and outdated colonial - era laws.

Both local and visitors, are also subject to religious law which may punish GAY sexual activity with flogging and male transvestism with imprisonment.Even though religious law does not apply to non - muslims (I'm catholic) under the country's constitution and thus homosexual individual face discrimination.

I was once challenged by this so - called GAY (I don't remember who) on this site, and according to "her", if I ever want to talk, then I should talk with my mouth and not my tongue ! Oh yeah...for your record assboy, now I am talking with my mouth and infact am shouting and yelling at you now !

Most of these GAY thought that by insulting or humiliating other bloggers on this site is their only best ways or chances to get some symphathy comments and becoming among the "top" bloggers.So, again, to all of you assholes, here, I throw a dollar to you all.What the fuck do I care?!

And,my questions are :

What say you ?

Are you coming out or still hiding from that closet ?

Are you ain't man enough to admit youself ?

Or are you scare or shy ?

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