How I Survive.  

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4/6/2006 8:10 am

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How I Survive.

Exhausted,tired and fatigue.Three words on how to describes about my one-month old new job!

Damn it!Working 10 hours a day,5 days a week and that is what I get.Love it or hate it,living me with no choice as I've signed a two years working contract with my new employer.

I was among more than 100,000 Malaysians who travel to Singapore for work every day.It started at 5. am every morning(Mondays to Fridays),when my alarm clock rang.After a few twist and turn,then I managed to get up and went straight into the bathroom for a quick five minutes shower.

Fithteen minutes later, I was driving on my car along the misty road for three kilometers,stopped by the side of the road for my morning coffee and banana cuisine at an Indian stall.

I only reached the Malaysian Custom and Immigration Quarantine checkpoints 20 minutes later, identified my International passport and my work permit,then drive along the Causeway and straight to Singapore Woodlands Custom and Immigration checkpoints,stamped on my international passport,then drove off straight to the factory.

7. am sharp,entered the meeting room,talking nonsence and craps to my subodinates for fithteen minutes,then dismissed.Talked about wild sex with Madam Serene on the line until lunch time.

One hour lunch break outside with my buddy Ong.Damn,he kept asking about what is going on between me and Madam Serene.Hell,as a good friend,I couldn't help it but to tell him all the truth!I only finished my job at 7. pm,punched my card out and drove back home.

It's not the 10 hours job that pissed me off,but the journey on my way and back from work was what really killing me!

Sometimes I get strainded in the middle of a three hours conjestions on my way back from work along the Causeway and only arrived at my apartment at around 10. pm.

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