Fuck The Parking Attendant.  

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4/1/2006 4:08 am

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4/7/2006 10:28 am

Fuck The Parking Attendant.

Have you ever been summon for parking your car illegally?What is your reactions to it?And if you felt that it is not your fault, how do you responsed to them?How many summons have you been received so far?

I felt stupid as this is my first summoned for parking illegally after more than 10 years of driving.

It happened last Friday as I was driving back home after work from Singapore.I ran out of cash for my gas as I only have Singapore dollars in my wallet.(I always pumped my car gas/fuel in Malaysia).

Just after I passed the Malaysian Immigration Checkpoint, I'd decided to changed my Singapore currency dollar into the Malaysian ringgit.I know a few registed money changers located nearby.

It was such a dreadful day to me because earlier,I was stranded in the middle of a three hours conjestions along the causeway starting from the Singapore Woodlands Immigration checkpoint.

So, I went to the nearest money changer just on the other side of the road.Upon reached there,I noticed that the parking lot were all occupied and there was no more space available where I can park my car.

I parked my car just right in front of the money changer outlet with the engine running.Then I rushed out to the premises.It only took less than five minutes and I was back to my car.Upon reaching my car, I noticed a small piece of paper in green colour attached to the wiper of my car.

I knew that it was a summon ticket!I looked around like an idiot just to figured out where the culprit could be hiding.Guess what?She was just some twenty meters away from me looking for her other victims!

She then stared at me, laughed and said,"You've been summon!"I looked at her just right in the middle of her eyes and shouted, "Fuck You."

On my way back home, I thought to myself.I think I just fucked the parking attendant! Then I laughed my ass all the way until I reached my apartment at 10. pm.

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