Defensive communication !!!  

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7/11/2006 7:13 am

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Defensive communication !!!

It's quite common for us to get into habits with our family members especially our own siblings(identical twins perharps) and anyone else we happen to live with.I have a sister whose daughters was a twin.

This habits include, but are by no means limited to expectation regarding behavior, scattered attention and defensive communication.Indeed, it seems that the more we get to know someone, especially our own twin- the more likely we are thinking, having wild and kinky sex, a good blowjobs, react with a short fuse, as well as a variety of other knee-jerk responses.It's as if we expect that everyone in our neighborhood are all dead !

As an example, I found the both of them sometimes expecting on each others to second on ones suggestions regarding their new activities that they might like to explore. I notice that they're somewhat persistence in their preferences, and it seems that they are almost right in everything. The eldest twin might suggest something, while the youngers one would say, "I want to or I totally agree." Due to previous experiences with them, and because of my certainty about the way they was going to responds to each other, I discovered that I was looking for verification of my correct assumptions about them both!!

WOO...HOO !!

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