By the Light of The Half Moon.  

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6/3/2006 6:31 am

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By the Light of The Half Moon.

The bathroom inspires more complaints than any other single room in the house. Men, many women says, do not see their own behaviour and have no idea what slobs they are.

The same dapper gentlemen who excel in the details of their professions or the subtleties of business leave toilet seats up, splash water on the counter, spray toothpaste on the mirror and discard wet towels or dirty clothes on the floor.They are baffled by the concept of replacing toilet paper.

They leave toothpaste uncovered, squeezed the tube in the middle and never wash out the sink.They leave the soap in wet dishes until it turns into slime.Or perhaps worse, they are too fastidious, polishing the mirrors, powdering their feet and spraying air freshener every time someone uses the toilet.

Seasoned wives and girlfriends, however, claim that even the most annoying of their guys bathroom habits are manageable because they are stable and predictable, never deviating.How I knew all this ? Well, go and ask my ex - girlfriend though I told her I never did that!

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