All's Fair.  

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5/10/2006 7:03 am

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All's Fair.

Every honeymoon has an ending.Even in the best of relationships, couples inevitably have spats. Many women say they learned early how to take strife in stride, insisting, in fact, that the freedom to argue is essential to maintaining a stable relationship.

Most fights focus on minor but recurring issues.Skirmishes grow into battles, battles into wars - over how high to set the thermostat, how loud to make the television, who holds the remote, what time to set the clock radio, who showers first, which way the toilet paper faces, and of course,the position in which the toilet seats is left.Too funny,but it's true.

Over time, the process of fighting often becomes more important than the content of the fights.They never solve anything by fighting, but they just sort of let off steam.

Whatever they argue about, when the smoke clears and the air cools, most women feel better for having boiled over.Whether or not issues are resolved, they're able to blow up, make up and move on.And NO HARM DONE.

alisa_d 39F

5/10/2006 6:46 pm

Oh GOD! Do I know you?.. KEKEKEKEKEKE! That is me up there. I am terribly tempremental.. but after blowing it off, I can have the best makeout sex ever... fighting as foreplay? ait that interestin'

rm_gigolo394 51M
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5/11/2006 9:16 am

Too bad...You belong to someone else now otherwise...
fighting as foreplay...k...lets do it!

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