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4/11/2006 8:49 pm

It was my birthday so I took half the day off.
I headed out the side door having changed into something more appropriate for riding a hog on a balmy mid July Friday in the Quad Cities Area(QCA). A quick glance at the thermostat on the garage wall caused me to pause momentarily and rethink what I was wearing. The mercury was reading 89 degrees Fahrenheit with 70 % humidity. I was beginning to feel it too! A quick safety check hopped on and cranked it up! Off to Baskin Robbins, Dairy Queen, Whitey’s, Country Style, Lagomarcinos’s…any ice cream parlor where I wouldn’t have to wait to long to get a few scoops. Whitey’s it is…shortest line.
“I’d like a sugar cone with three scoops of plain vanilla, dip it in chocolate twice Please!).

Wow, no seats on the patio. Plopped down on the grass next to the hog but didn’t get to close, there was serious heat rolling off that puppy! Just as I leaned up against the tree on the other side of the bike I heard a voice ask if I always covered the vanilla with chocolate, it startled me a bit. I stood and turned but was struggling to see with the sun still in my eyes so in somewhat of an aggressive posture I approached and put the tree between the voice and myself. As I rounded the tree Cathy placed her hand on my chest, smiled and apologized for frightening me. I quickly accepted her apology with the condition that she joins me in the shade of the tree while I tell her about my favorite desserts and she me about the lovely perfume she was wearing. She agreed, as she had to wait for her friend Sara to get through the line at Country Style. We chatted about points of origin, circles of friends or acquaintances we may have in common and our current dating status. The whole time she was boldly rubbing my crouch, telling me how horny she gets when she rides motorcycles. Then she says, “I like black guys with large cocks. If yours is big enough, I will suck and fuck you until I have to leave to catch my flight back home tomorrow night!” Being one who loves to dip his chocolate, I quickly recommended we go to my place. I told her I have a few love seats, loungers and other chairs in a room with a couple of mirrors that would allow her to watch my large black cock sliding in and out of her tight white pussy as she squirmed with delight from the first stroke to the last of me pumping deep inside her and us fucking each other to climax over and over again! Sadly her girlfriend Sara heard the last part of our conversation and said “Cathy, you selfish little bitch! You know we agreed to wait until we found a guy we both like and I don’t date blacks!” So he just won’t do! Besides you just met this guy and don’t know enough about him!”

Well this threw me for a loop! Sara was a stunning young black woman! I knew I had to quickly recover from this or lose the momentum so I said, “Sara, today is your lucky day! I can introduce you to the man of your horniest dreams! Do you prefer French, German, Spanish or Italian?” Cathy chimed in, “She likes anything 9 inches or longer and is a Pro DP slut!” So you really got a friend for my sista girl? She is for real she don’t do chocolate.” I on the other hand am partial to one large black cock at a time and don’t do anal above 9 inches. I won’t roll without her!”

Wow, a sista with a voluptuous ass and juicy natural tits; her craving set for pumping huge white cocks (only) empty of all their creamy white jizz. White cum craving black beauty ready for double duty!

Go figure, I got nothing but answering machines from everybody I knew that qualified to ride this ebony queen.

She was a cock stopper that day, but check back later. Turns out Sara knew my Italian Stallion, so you can imagine what happened next. I’ll tell you about the glorious events of the following day…Sara and Cathy missed a plane and stayed for the evening!

In the Quad Cities, USA
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