Tossing around some thoughts  

rm_gentleman748 35M
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8/31/2005 10:14 am

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Tossing around some thoughts

I joined this site a little while ago when it finally hit home to me that I was not in a steady relationship yet my sex life for the past two years was centred around two women. The same two women over and over again.

I would meet one or the other and we would go out for a night, sleep together then the following morning one of us would leave and we would totally forget about each other till about a week had passed and we would meet up to screw again. They are both ex girlfriends from uni, a time when i got so shit faced drunk so often people didnt realise i was rather shy till the morning after.

I normally saw them both once a week and hell it was fun at first but after two years I have to admit what was my fantasy when I was twenty has now gotten a little tedious. How many times can you stare at the same ass no matter how round and beautiful and think how great it would be for a change.

Its gotten to the point where even a mole on a different ass cheek would be a wonderful break. Imagine finding two women who almost have identically placed moles on their asses the odds have got to be small.

Anyway I know Im sounding pretty selfish but the gist of all this is that i have finally decided to overcome my basic shyness and go looking for other women and not ones that I spent most of my time at uni with. I have to ask though being relatively new here what are people's success rates how many people on this site actually meet new people merely looking for a good hard screw with no commitment?

fitcarlos 40M
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9/7/2005 4:17 pm

Is interesting to read about another guys life, And I say good luck to you mate, if your anything like me and are moderately selective ( ie look for appearance as avaerage and above and not just go for mingers) then I feel its not going to be easy for you.

I have been a member since Jan 05 ( yeah some kind of new year resolution for me ).

I havent been successful in meeting a girl in person yet.This time round ( I have lot of other demands on my time in my life).
However all I can say is check out my blog fitcarlos as I briefly touch on my earlier success on this site.

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