well still no word from jet  

rm_gaygameboy 40M
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5/11/2006 10:34 pm
well still no word from jet

It's been almost 6 weeks and still no word from Jet.
Maybe he's tired of me. Maybe i'm just not as good in bed as he claims.. I know some of you have told me that i should watch out for guy's like him, why because he's still living at home, and doesn't want anyone to know his secret. He can't have friends, and that his job situation isn't all the best.

I'm sorry i didn't forgo the warnings but I feel that maybe he's the one guy that i really would like to see more of in my life. I know my other friends tell me he's not worth keeping ether.

My friend dj thinks that he's not good looking, and that if he can't at least pick up a phone and call then he's not worth keeping.

I know i'm worried about him, but deep in my heart i know he's very handsome and he's a really good guy.

But i guess if he's tired of me, then at least the guy could do is tell me. I feel like maybe there might be more to why he hasn't contacted me, and that even when he's near by he's affraid of something, maybe i'm not the best guy for him, maybe i'm too pushy or just not that great to be around. I worry alot, if you can't tell.

Problem is that i've fallen in love with the guy, and he's not in love with me, and i have to try to get over the feeling of love. As you probably have read i've been questioning love, and wish i could just know what to do in the future to help make life better.

I know i'm getting excited my test is finally here, after so many attempts to take it and getting it pushed aside because of money and other problems, i think this time i'm actually going to take my tests. I am worried if i'm going to pass them or not, but Lot's of people have told me that they think i'm going to pass, and that they believe in me. Even Jet who I haven't spoke to in almost two months has told me that he believes that i'll pass, i've even been told that i'm a smart man from a guy who chat's with me online, but never met me in person.

I guess the only thing i can do is study and hope for the best, I feel a lot of positive energy from everyone, and that makes me feel more confadent about my self. With the exception of my boss who's on beleifs are that she's queen of this town and she can do what ever she wants.

I don't know if it's true everywhere but I know that my boss now has three cars (or maybe more, not sure yet), some snowmobiles, and a motorcycle, acouple ORV's, and is now living in her third house since i've been working there, in case anyone wants to know how long i've been working there is't been three years, and i think that she should be the one being investigated on. not just the big wigs that own the gas.

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