well it's back to work  

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3/28/2006 9:09 pm

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well it's back to work

Hey all, today was a great day.

The sun was shining, the weather was 52 kind of cold but not bad, and i went out with my friend jet and had lunch.

Jet kind of felt bad after the last blog i did, (no he didn't read it) he just felt bad about standing me up at the last minute. So he was nice and bought lunch. After lunch, we went to a friends house and talked. Our friend left the house and we had the place to ourselves for then next couple hours. Too bad i had a headache (kind of sucks but i guess it happens). Well we did manage to do some stuff. (a little kissing, hugging, playing around.)

then that time came when i had to goto work, just went the action was getting good. Damn, i really wanted to do more. I know i was mad a jet for what he did. But he is a sweetheart as long as he keeps his plans with me. I think I'll give him another chance but who knows the next time might not be as good.

Well after drooping jet off, i went to work. Well now i have the new problem. I work in a gas station (I know I'm a loser, but hey it's a job and it keeps me going, might even get me through college). Here's my new problem, i have to work with one of two people at night depending on who gets what day off. See i have one girl who smokes and has been there almost as long as i have, (she's actually kind of useless) but she wants to smoke in the costumers bathroom, i haven't told my boss because i figured she would probably just smack her on the wrist, and then i would still have to deal with her. (trust me not much fun)

The other girl, well she's new still, i know i have to give her some chances. but the problem is that if i have to do the odd jobs then she wants to chat my ear off, and when it's her turn to do the odd job's she wants me to help her with them.. now i know i can do the odd job's in a couple of hours, but it's hard to train and do the job at the same time when the boss doesn't give me enough help to train.

the good news is that I'm going to be taking my test in a week, thank god that I've been studying a lot, and please pray that i will pass this test. I guess my hope for the GED test is that i will get out of this job and find one that will help me out more and still give me a chance to work through my college issues.

well i guess I'm going to head to bed, so night all, I'll try to keep everyone updated on my situation with jet and work, i know it's not all interesting but who knows maybe someone has had almost the kind of life, and might have suggestions on fixing mine.

pet_humility 49F

3/29/2006 9:33 am

Good luck with your test!!!

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