how much is that hottie in the window  

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2/1/2006 10:15 pm

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how much is that hottie in the window

Well today started off great, had coffee in the morning, hung out with my friends .

Went down state to do some shopping in the big city. The stores where I live are so dull and most of them are small mom & pop stores, which have cloths from the early stone ages, or i guess stoner ages. So every once in a while you have to go someplace thats more up to date on fashion. Went for a walk with my 3 guy friends, and checked out some of the local hotties. Yeah it was kind of cold out, when the sun wasn't shining, but sometimes a little walking does the trick.

We walked past this bakery which had really good smelling and looking deserts, oh they tasted so good, i might have to go back. Not just because the one of the hot young bakers works there, but because of the deserts.

Finally we made it to a clothing store, which has mannequins in the window, and one really fine guy undressing and dressing them. "Wonder how much I would have to pay him, to do that to me."

OK well I personally don't like the idea of having to pay for sex. I think if someone really likes you and you like them then sex is just something you do. But I guess there are guys out there that are willing to do the paying. Oh and girls too, I know their not all innocent.

The guy in the window, was a 6 foot tall, blond haired hottie, with blue eyes, a tight butt, a little heavy, but still very hot. unfortunately the store we were going to didn't have him. we ended up going to some other store, not for cloths like i wanted, but for other personal fun. My friend Ben gave us a ride to the big city, so we could actually watch a movie, but he and his partner wanted to go get some lube and movies, for their party later on.

We did finally go see a movie. It was good, and I'm not going to tell you what movie I saw, just that there were cow boys, and gay men involved.

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